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time to come clean...


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me and my friends are hooked on the show "my name is earl" and in the spirit of coming clean, and making amens, here are the two meanest things i ever did.....

1. at a party at the docks, some chick who was very high and kick steped backwards into me. then i lite some of her hair on fire. Just a little, and she didn't notice. my frined sacha thought it was the funniest thing ever.

2. while waiting for a movie to start a family of five (ages 13-40) in front of me where playing 20 questions. They were being very loud and annoying. After the youngest guessed the right answer to a question, they all broke out in laughter for some mysterious reason. I proceeded to say "thats not funny" and while pointing at each person induvidually from oldest to youngest, i continued...

"i hope you get...
Dad- "bird flu"
Mom-"bird flu"
oldest son 18 yrs "syphilis"
oldest daughter 15yrs "pregnent"
young fat son 13 "juvenille diabetis"

basically in moment of anger i wished disease on a enitre family, but the rest of the theatre though it was great. Anyways time to come clean, who's next.
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