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Time off - Family Emergency - Need Information Please...


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I'm sure some of you know this. What are the rules if there is a family emergency and you need extended time off to care for a family member.

My grandfather has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his kidneys. My mother needs to go to windsor to help my grandmother as he goes in for surgery and treatments.

SHe works for the catholic school board - so im sure that she can get time off. I have heard that there are laws protecting you if you need the time off? What are the rules here?
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There are laws stating that your job is safe if you have to take an extended leave of absence to take care of family who are ill.


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Compassionate care benefit. 8 weeks, job protection, (unpaid leave from work) but you are eligable for 6 weeks partial pay under EI

sorry to hear about your grandfather. :( good luck getting through everything
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