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Tim vs Myka@Turbo

ecstasy riot

TRIBE Member
I got there after I left Ascension and was greeted by lovely people, and lovely music.
Oh house you make so happy.
Jack had a groove was played. YeOw!
Maybe not a special thing to some of you, but I loved it. And some new release by Paranoid Jack that Myka didn't even know the name of was making me go crazy. Dancing away, to the house beats that keep people moving and smiling.

Oh Lifeforce, you bring in only the best.

Wicked night. Nice seeing all the tribers. Not sure who won the battle though. Both Tim
and Myka rocked the packed place. Too bad half of yall left to visit Systems.

Hope you had a great (pre)B-day Chris, I know that we all had a good time celebrating.


(posted in the wrong forum the first time
Oh mah Gawd!!

Well first of all i went to Element to see Luc Raymond play....the crowd was very displeasing...all the guys were like 6 ft + and drunk as anything...people were tanked to the tits...i was so frustrated I was pushing peeps around....and i never do that.
Luc played got smooth get-down-with-yo-bad-self kinda funky house

got to Turbo after 2am.....

man there's something about Turbo at 2....
it feels like you haven't missed a thing...
Everybody is there, shakin what their momma gave them....
Timmy and Myka were going hardkore....
having each a set of decks and a mixer made a big difference in their performance...
so much more exiting!!!!
Timmy looks so cute when he's working hard...
his glasses come off and he's all busting a sweat...
Myka didn't look at ease this time...i think he felt threatened!!....but when he dropped that dj disco track (i believe it's dj disco)
i absolutely lost it...we need that muzik back...the fun rediculous stuff...

it was good seeing my peeps there...
since i'm new, i don't really know any of you members out there...let me know who you are, and i can say hi next time...


my pic...i hope it works...i was sorta wearing the same outfit last night
peace and mad love in house muzik

ps-Jo....you been lookin mighty sexy lately...makes me wish i was a dood, i'd give D a run fo' his money...lol
Yes it was an amazing night, Myka, Tim both throwing down so smooth and hard. I would like to thank everybody who came out the celebration was terific. There were some great peeps grooving it up all night. Thanks everybody for not getting me to drunk, what an amazing year.
wonderful nite! our stratford cru (who all live the GTA now) stayed to close and then some went over to Space for more insanity I'm sure. I was dead tired by that point and couldn't stomach anything else.

Incredidle mixing from the dynamic duo of Myka and Tim Patrick. I dont think that there was any time where I thought that one track didnt deserve to follow the previous one; totally progressive without being a predictable rollercoaster ride - and those retro disco tracks were certainly a lesson in the old skool of house. It was nice to be part of last night's history.

So...great time...there was only one moment of violence perhaps related to jealously...of course it was none of my business...just that it blew up beside me, shocking me back to the reality of being human; that we all have a full range of emotions besides being in an estastic state; that we are able interact and develop relationships that sometimes fail miserably. I like the aminity of dancefloor where one blissfully gaze out at all the bright faces, yet I do enjoy conversation, which can be quite dicey in turbo when 3 of 10 words are heard...I had a wikkid talk with the coat check woman about Yugoslovian composers...how weird and refreshing!

I too am relatively new to Tribe and Toronto having only lived here for 4 months but find myself adjusting nicely applying my punk ethics to a scene that sometimes can be so easily criticed, yet there are many people working collectively for the general well being of everyone involved (congrats to Chris!)...anyway, that's what I was sub-consciously contemplating while thrashing about...i think...or maybe not.

So where are people goin tonight? Embyrus perhaps??? Any suggestions???

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What a fabulous night ... Timmy P. and Myka did it up full on. It was good hearing some older tracks that haven't been played in a while too. If anyone wants to have these guys back2back on a regular basis, I don't think anyone would complain.

Shouts out to mah crew - Jo and Svet, you're the best. Aaron, James, Magda, Ivan, Janice ... always good to see you out. It was nice to finally meet ya Adam (Ad B)!

See ya all there next week.

-- Jay aka Fut
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by discodancer_j:

ps-Jo....you been lookin mighty sexy lately...makes me wish i was a dood, i'd give D a run fo' his money...lol

Oh Janice, you sweetie! Thanks! *blush* It's pretty easy to give D a run for his money when he leaves at 12, tee hee!

I had such a fun fun fun time, and it seemed as though everyone else was too! That makes it even better. Thanks to all of y'all who made me smile and laugh so much! To Timmy and Myka, you boys are golden! We are so lucky to have you here in T.O.
Super great running into all dee Tribe people!!
Hope you had a great birthday Chris!