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tim patrick's b-day bash - element


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i arrived @ Element just after midnight (coming out of the piss pouring rain) to hear the soothing sounds of the first lady of funk Lady Lindzee (thankyou for the cd babe)
After chatting it up with some friends upstairs and down, and buying the birthday boy a drink.. Tim came on and was on point til the time i left.. What else can i say about this guy? Tim is a solid dj and a great guy. Happy birthday dude.
Happy B-day Tim!

I knew you were playing and meant to make it out but I had no idea you were celebrating a b-day!

Hope your superstar NYE was amazing! Playing a huge party in Montreal, then flying back that morning for the Zone and then making it for Element a few hours later!

Awesome man! Happy B-day!

-ian g.
I tried I really really did.

After new years I managed to sleep for 38 hours almost straight through. just a few half hour wake up breaks.

I got up and dragged my over-tired ass down to Element and I'm glad I did. However I dramatically underestimated that effect of more alcohol on my system.

By 2 I could hardly keep my eyes open and had to head home.

Shit I even missed the East Coast Boogiemen, and I missed Tim play. But I did hear Myka for the first time in what seems like forever.

jeremy -bailed out- jive
I was downtown for ECB too, but that party tanked hard. I felt really bad for Ken and Juan who were really psyched about coming down here.

Stumbled into Element and not surprisingly had a wicked time downstairs.

1 - happy birthday to tim the wizard!

2 - mucho thanks to tim for inviting me down from quebec city to open up in the basement for his b-day beats! good times indeed, even though i chased a couple of mixes....must have been the 8 hour drive from QC, yeah, that's it, the 8 hour drive!


4 - nice little crowd out to pay their respects! it was busier than i ever thought it would be on the friday after new years. the basement was a rockin all night long!

5 - thanks to Tim and Myka for being such amazing hosts for the evening....M to the Y to the A to the K! *hehehe*

a nice little night out on the town!



ps - Timmy ROCKED IT for 2000+ people in QC in new years!
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wikked set ... even on a kazillion shots of bourbon, you pulled it off with style!
and although i was at one with my stool, i was most definitly feeling the music ... hehe.

To the Wizard ... although it was your first public appearance, I'm sure it won't be your last ... and even if it is ... WE HAVE PICUTRES! :-Þ

me luv u long time baby!

Originally posted by ethnik
mucho thanks to tim for inviting me down from quebec city to open up in the basement for his b-day beats!

^^ This guy deserves some props too! :D

Wikked set Mike! Didn't catch all of it as I was upstairs for a bit, but I was pretty amazed to see so many people up on their feet & bustin' out post New Years - nice work!

Lady Linzee was dishin' out some seriously funky house upstairs as well - Solid job girl, you get the trooper award! ;)

Had to make an earlier exit than normal, so I didn't hear enough of Element's "Original Bad Boyz" to comment on their set - but i'm sure things got out of control as usual.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Tim!

Wellllcome to the "Circus of Sound" ..... <smile> staring so many of the newly appointed Djs - funny in so many ways! :)

What an amazing night - I was expecting Element to be quiet ... but walked into the place bumping! Mr. Zach Jarvis was warming things up nicely upstairs ... :)

Was nice to see "the crew" still alive after a pretty crazy New Years but I guess we all know we couldn't let the Wizard down :)

Hope you had a great day, night, morning, afternoon Timmy! :) Happy birthday!!!!!

Linds xx
Element crew delivers again!!

Happy Birthday Tim the Wizard!!!

Another great nite at Element!!!! Great music, great friends and many many funny stories!!

Alll I have to say is for once Myka saved the nite! M-Y-A-K!! Myka is our dj!!
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Thanks again everyone for coming out last week, I think I've recovered somewhat now...

I know it's tough heading out in the days after new years, so
it was nice to see the whole lot out, except for the ones bearing
bourbon as "gifts".

Thanks Mike C, Linzee, Zach and M-Y-A-K for throwing down some sweet beats!

Certainly a memorable and special birthday indeed...thanks everyone...I love you all!

^Happy Birthday! Did you get my email?

It sucks I couldn't make it out for this. Had to work.:( Glad you had a great night!:)