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Tim Patrick and Myka @ Tonic

Smiley Jo

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Nice work last night by the boys!! A great mix of older stuff and newer tracks but not without that hard hitting bass that I love so much!
The fact that Svet and I were still groovin at 2am was a miracle unto itself, so you know they were doing something right!! :D

Too bad about the turnout though. I have a feeling it was because there are a trillion parties tonight. BTW, what the heck was up with the people that were there anyhow? Super weird crowd for Tonic... Ida know.

Props to JanICE for dancin it up, and nice to see AA out and about as well!
Thanks to Steve and Wayne as always.

Anyone see that guy in the suit?? *rowr*



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liquor festival WHAT?
I ended up having a gut fest last night. "me" and tha BIG BWOY got our freak on. Much apprec S+H.
Timmy and Myka took a bit to get N-Sync, but come 1 they were mos definately churnin' out tha beats! Nice one boys.
Good laughs, good fun, for a Wednesday.

p.s. that bartender ant the back bar doin' the "Tom Cruise 'Cocktail' shit" was too funny! Give me a bourbon.


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i knew i was missing something!
i only checked my email today...
hope it went well - didn't mean to be a no show, i just fell asleep early :(


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I think the boys came closer to making me cry than they were.
As tired as I was they still managed to force my legs to go until 2am.:)
4 decks are definitely better than 2.
You guys were pumping out what I wanted to hear.
Thank you!!!!!!!

Thanks to Steve and Wayne too.


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I heard the mix on Groove and it was unusually mellow. I wanted to go, I just had a feeling they weren't going to play to their standards.

It was a good, relaxing set still.
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are they there every week?

I havent seen tim patrick in ages..
I remember him best during those little-T days (1994ish)


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Originally posted by MartyMcFly
are they there every week?

I havent seen tim patrick in ages..
I remember him best during those little-T days (1994ish)

Little-T was here a month or so ago. :)
He plays every Friday at Element, check his out. His style changed a little bit from how he used to be 4-5 years ago.