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Tim Horton's brown water might just get a little darker

Beer babe

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Tim Hortons tests its first new coffee blend in 49 years
TORONTO — The Canadian Press

Published Monday, Oct. 28 2013, 8:09 AM EDT
Last updated Monday, Oct. 28 2013, 7:53 PM EDT

Tim Hortons is going to give customers a choice for their regular morning double-double.

The coffee chain is trying out a new dark roast coffee in addition to its regular blend at locations in London, Ont., and Columbus, Ohio, starting Nov. 4.

It is the first time in the company’s 49-year history that it has offered a new blend of coffee.

The new blend will be made from 100-per-cent Arabica beans and cost the same as the chain’s regular blend.

The choice comes as Tim’s rivals including McDonalds and Starbucks have turned up the pressure with discounts and customer loyalty programs.

Tim Hortons chief executive Marc Caira has been conducting a widespread review of the chain’s operations since taking over earlier this year.
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I can already imagine how vile this will be. Will they include cigarette flavoured shots just in case it doesn't taste enough like a trash can already?
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Boss Hog

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^ haha


Sal De Ban

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Are you trying to say that Tim Hortons can now beat McDonald's coffee? I don't believe it!

I have been witness to heated debates on this subject. Try being on a road trip with one person that wants McD's and the other who wants Tim's! :D