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Tim Allen radio??


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I woke up to my alarm clock on sunday and it was tim Allen doing a radio show. He was like "this is Tim Allen the new host of_____
right here on 103 point something or other..and here's brittany spears.. (cue brittany)


so sad.. buddy packs it in, moves back to Toronto to do a local radio gig?! for christ sake its not even drive time
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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haha no he didnt grunt, but it was 110% the Tim Allen from Home Improvment.

Im trying to find more info now. Im facinated by washed up celebs


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nah i was wrong, he was filling in for some other dude that day, and it was from LA .....

from his site: Post subject: TIM ON THE RADIO FEB. 8th

Tim fills in for Rick Dees Top 40 Countdown on Sunday, February 8th.
Listen to Tim laugh his way through the Weekly To 40 List for 4 hours this Sunday.
In Los Angeles, the radio show is on KIIS-FM 102.7 from 8am - noon. To check out when and what station he's on in your city go to the link below.
The show is also international. I don't have the listings, but start digging and give him a listen.