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tiiiight ass mixdowns


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we should have a thread about mixdowns. i'll start with this tip.

Make Your Own Exciter

an exciter is a nice effect that is usually used at the mixdown stage of producing, it adds harmonics to the high end by distorting it a little, making your mixdown all hot and tight.

you can make one in ableton VERY easily.

1. make a new fx return track, and knock out the low end with a nice gradual high pass on the eq4

2. add some saturation to taste

3. send anything you want to sound tight to that fx return track

***for drums it is sometimes nice to have a little compression on your exciter

send your drum bus, your shakers and hats, and all of your fx and vocals and such.

it's one of those 'where have YOU been all my life' kind of tips.

seriously, go try it.


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I use an exciter at the mastering stage to eq the high end instead of using an equalizer. This way I can get a brighter high end without pushing up the levels, that would take away the headroom.