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Tiga @ Life


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Very interesting indeed. Nice blend of funky techno beats. This guy has a very high energy style fo mixing. more later. sleep now.

Peace & love. D
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WHUT?!? You were there?! Holy shit I totally didn't see you. You must have been hiding behind the masses of shirtless ghbinos.

Tiga's set was fucking hype. I was expecting more techno, but he came through with a pretty good housey set...it got more techy at the end, kinda repetitive, but the beginning was fucking hype. Props for spinning the bjork track.

Peter and Tyrone's set was killlah! I wuz creaming my pants when they spun the peace division/dark daze feel my drums track. I had been listening to that all day. Some other classic house tracks were dropped too...had a great time dancing when i could actually find room.

Trini! Motherfucker you know how to party..too funny making fun of everyone with you. My official cigarette suga daddy
. Had a fucking blast with you Dave ...must..do..again...soon.

Other than it being too packed, and being amongst a really, REALLY fucking creepy crowd, we had a blast.



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TinA! I didn't really expect to see anyone I knew in there, let alone some TBK! Rich and I ran into @m and Susan shakin some ass near the back corner, and that's pretty much where I was most of the night. I was totally diggin the mix of techno n house. I think I even caught a hint of some trance/ progressive tunes in there as well.

The ventalation in Life SUX FAWKIN ASS! holy shit man, my eyes were stingning the entire time I was in there! The cigarette smoke was just too intense. hopefulyl They'll do something about that.

Peace & love. D


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Moreover to Kix's review, Glasgow came on at about 4:30am. The crowd never seemed to thin out even around 5:30 it was still packed and hot.

Overall, a cool night, Peter and Tyrone started it out real nice followed by Tiga's sweet set. Besides a fight in the back room, it was a kiler time.

Nice partyin witcha Tina, pure jokes

A must do again fo sure.



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Party was nice. Tiga layed down some ruff tunes. Shouts to @m, Susan, and Par-T.


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This is my second time I've been to Life, and each time I have gone, I promise myself I'd never go back there ever again. The typical drinking crowd that loves to grab women and start fights. Witnessed 1 and a tussle - not to mention a girl who passed out right beside me. NO vibe whatsoever.

Anyway, if you can get pass the poorly ventilated facility, the obnoxious bouncers accepting bribes to bypass the line and just enjoy the music, Peter and Tyrone were dropping some nice records. Interesting set from the both of them, but wished they setup Tiga's set with more of their tribal/tech-house - just like they did to suit whoever's style in the Industry days.

None the less, Tiga came on and had not only me, but the whole crowd moving. His mixes were nice, his records even nicer. Blend of funky tribal techno and electro made being in that club worthwhile.

I'd love to see Tiga back in T.O. real soon. Hopefully in a club where I don't feel so underdressed.

Nice to meet Anna and nice to see Tom again. Suke where the hell were you??!



Par- T

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2nd time at Life, it's a nice club. Now if they could only attract a better crowd (yuck), remove the rug and walls in the sketch-out room and install some ventilation - I might want to go back.

Peter and Tyrone were spinning some nice groovy house during their set and had me moving early on. Got impatient later on wondering when Tiga would ever get started. I wasn't sure what to expect having not heard anything from him before. Started with some tribally house and got gradually tech-ier as he went along. Excellent trip through house, techno, electro and back with stops at Bjork, New Order.
Kenny Glasgow followed with house to start getting into full on techno as it got later - Kenny never disapoints and I always look forward to his sets. I ran out of gas and patience with the people by 5:30.

Cheers to all the TBK: @m, Susan & your crew, Suke, Starr, Alchemy, Silver Robot (where were you all night? seeing you as you were leaving doesn't work!).


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Tiga was sick! He started off with some nice tribal tech and worked his way into some electro and 80's classics. I really enjoyed his set(although I was burnt to shit from Friday night).

It was my first time going to Nation@Life. The crowd was full of g'd out muscle heads who push and shove their way through the rammed up venue. The bathrooms were the nastiest I've ever seen. It's a shame, because they're bringing in some serious talent(Sneak, Derrick Carter, Slam on May 26...what!!). Don't get me wrong, there were some wicked party peeps there(Suke, fleaflo, @m, Alchemy, and Par-T the most notable), but the majority of the crowd was sketch.

Track of the night-New Order:Blue Monday
Holy Retro!
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We were chillin' at the back wall near the entrance to the other room for the whole time we were there. Got there at 2:20am bounced at 5:10am.


Suke @ SLAM


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what can I say..it was my first time @ Life this Saturday and i am not sure I will go back? I was lookin to have some fun and dance some but the crowd/vibe really sucked and the dance floor was super slippery(too many split drinks!) I was really hyped for Tiga! Too bad he came on like @ 2:30am and I only got to hear half hour of his set
I will have to agree Peter and Tyrone did throw down some nice groovy tracks definately got me shakin' my ass for awhile. The plus for the evening was that I met some really wicked people in the line..shouts to Jason, Madelin, Chuck and Kalyna(hopefully one day we will meet up for drinks and a better crowd?Nice to see Adam and Susan out as well
Well the summer is comin and more good parties are on the way!! Maybe i will catch Tiga in Montreal for a change of pace..I love Montreal in the summer..ahh!

Anushka =D


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Double ditto....

Heck I have been to Life many times. This time I would have to admit was not as good. First off...for real....the smoke...my eyes...there was no ventilation and hotter than normal. Almost was having flashbacks of my raving days..the sweat was dripping from my face huge. I think I lost about 15lbs in there.

There was also a fight. What happend to the idea of "good vibes". That absolutely shocked me. Then again...not everyone was friendly. I tried to make conversation with a few people and was given the cold shoulder. Cold shoulders are better than a punch in the face I suppose.

I have never seen Tiga before but have his CD and been to Sona so I was expecting it to be good. He definately was good....this calm guy behind the decks was kickin' it....with Montreal styleeeeee! It was slammin....and the New Order - Blue Monday remix...definately coming from the province of Q.

Regardless...we are there for the music right!!

He was good.....

Peace Party People!!