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Tiff 2013


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Anyone on here interested or going to anything?
I only got 10 tickets this year for some reason, and am already cursing myself.

Films I got just now are:

Venue Date and Time Events
Scotiabank 4 Thu 2013-09-05 9:00 PM EPISODE IN THE LIFE OF AN IRON PICKER, AN
Scotiabank 3 Fri 2013-09-06 6:45 PM HEART OF A LION
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4 Fri 2013-09-06 9:15 PM WILD DUCK
Scotiabank 2 Sat 2013-09-07 4:30 PM CANNIBAL
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 Tue 2013-09-10 10:00 PM L'INTREPIDO
Scotiabank 3 Wed 2013-09-11 4:30 PM MAJOR, THE
Scotiabank 8 Wed 2013-09-11 9:30 PM EL MUDO
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 Thu 2013-09-12 3:00 PM CHILD'S POSE
Scotiabank 10 Fri 2013-09-13 6:00 PM HONEYMOON
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 Sat 2013-09-14 3:30 PM LOVE IS THE PERFECT CRIME

Films I also want are:
Bastardo, Bastards, Blue is the Warmest Colour (though I'm hoping that will be released), Closed Curtain, Friends from France, Ladder to Damascus, Manuscripts don't Burn, Rags and Tatters (though it may already feel dated), Eastern Boys, The Dinner, The Past, Violette, and Gloria (as the main ones!).

Single tickets go on sale September 2!
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It's funny. I picked ten and will pick three more with my back-half package but none of our picks are the same. I'll post them soon.


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i'm only going to see one film cos i'm an unemployed bum (and therefore broke): child's pose. i really wanted to see break loose but the times don't work out for me. i may try to do some rush screenings - we'll see.
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mitsuko souma

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Made In America, Only Lovers Left Alive and Why Don't You Play in Hell? for sure.
Anything else would be a bonus.
Also will be staked out in front of any venue with Marion Cotillard inside.
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Hawk Eye

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The Midnight Madness line up this year is really weak. There are only a handful of films (3 actually) that look appealing. I won't be seeing many films again this year bc of my paddling schedule and I'm broke!


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Couple of pretty mainstream selections.

Saturday September 7th

9am - Palo Alto
6pm - Labor Day (gala)
9pm - All Is By My Side


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On-sale was today and I slept through it for the second year in a row.
Gonna try my luck with rush i guess.

You can still buy singles today; I just did. Added:
Scotiabank 13 Fri 2013-09-13 3:15 PM EASTERN BOYS
Scotiabank 10 Sun 2013-09-08 6:00 PM BASTARDO
Jackman Hall Sun 2013-09-15 1:45 PM MANUSCRIPTS DON'T BURN

Thanks to a buddy I got Rags and Tatters. I really wanted to see this guy's follow-up film after seeing the first one at TIFF a couple of years ago.

Couldn't get the Past, or Friends from France, or Violette; I may rush the last two (the Past is probably a lost cause).
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I'm seeing Quai d'Orsay because my childhood buddy is the producer :)

Danis Tanovic made a film for $17 thousand euros - yes, you read that right - most of which went to the Roma people who he basically asked to re-enact some events that had happened to them, and about which he had read in a newspaper article.

They shot it in 9 days, mostly in -15 weather in Bosnia. There was no screenplay, there is no music, there are no professional actors and it's a really good film - bleak but full of humanity and warmth.

Asked if he would do it again, he replied "absolutely not" but that he had felt compelled to tell their story because he was outraged at what had happened to them.

He didn't expect it to be shown outside of Bosnia. It was selected for Berlin and won two prizes there, including a Silver Bear for the main guy.

Definitely worth catching.
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On Friday first I rushed CLOSED CURTAIN by Jafar Panahi. I felt somewhat compelled to, given that I missed his "This is not a Film" last year and that he is still theoretically not allowed to make films. The overall impressions were of claustrophobia, uncertainty, lack of control, quasi-paranoia, not surprising given the circumstances under which he is trying to remain creative.

Needless to say there was no Q&A...

Then at 6:45 I saw the world premiere of HEART OF A LION by Dome Karukoski. I had seen Lapland Odyssey a couple of years ago and laughed like mad at this very unique Finnish humour. The subject here was much more serious: the leader of a group of skinheads falls for a cute waitress in a big way then discovers that she has a mixed race son. The evolution of the story is never straightforward: it's not all sudden revelation and sweetness and light. There are some incredibly tense, even unpleasant and disheartening scenes in it, with odd moments of goofy light-heartedness.

The actors were excellent, and the screenplay and direction absolutely did justice to the story. Highly recommended.

Then at 9:15 PM caught my City to City selection for this year, the city being Athens (and I do think it's pretty cool that TIFF chose Athens given the turmoil that has taken place in that city over the last few years - well done). So I saw WILD DUCK, sitting, as it turned out, next to the producer (a woman, I always like to see that :).

Interesting tale based on a real story of illlegal cell towers installed inside apartment buildings, it was told in a non-linear fashion, so that at first you weren't sure what was going on; then little by little pieces fell into place and you saw the degree of culpability of the main character, and his attempt at redemption.

This was a first film (and world premiere) for Yannis Sakaridis, who said he didn't want to make a straight up semi-political thriller, but wanted to show the impacts from a human perspective.

As an aside, both the original score and the film poster were great! Glad I saw it.


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And the Bloor 'Hotdocs' Cinema, which is great because they serve tall cans of cold lager.

So far I've seen a four movies.

The Green Inferno (B-)
The Sacrament (C)
Blue Ruin (A-)
Proxy (D) - I actually left part way through the last reel.


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wow they show films at Scotiabank now?

haha I was telling my French buddy that in this hyper-capitalist world, everything is named after something that makes money, even theatres (and Boss Hog, if you haven't read Super Sad True Love Story, which takes that notion just a bit further, you really should).


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I won't bother posting mini-reviews in here because no one is interested. I will say, however, that you should try to find these two films (not at TIFF, because their last screening has passed):

The Major, by Yuri Bykov
Eastern Boys, by Robin Campillo
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Well, I was going to take the plunge to see my first TIFF film, but encountered this when trying to buy tickets!!! Is this really necessary?



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Actually for the number of people they have buying online, it probably is: when you get "in", you are actual buying a seat in real time. May be hokey, but it works.


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The countdown really didn't mean much. When single tickets went on sale, I had 10 tabs open, refreshing each tab until a lower number appeared as they seemed to have been random.

After getting one with 150 seconds on it, it jumped up to almost 2000 after the 150 seconds counted down to 0. But a minute or so later, the screen refreshed and I was able to make selections and purchase tickets.