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....... - TIESTO - .......

Cheer Bear

TRIBE Member

that made my night. You should've SEEN the look on my face when I heard it being mixed in. I could've cried. Or orgasmed. Or both.

Tiesto rules. really.

LilTimmy ROCKS.

I got a double dose of Tiesto today/yesterday.

@1groove & @KoolHaus

He is wonderful. No wonder he's my favorite.

I loved his set. Gave up dancing, so I admired from afar. Some great track selection, some of them weren't my favs but I can't complain.

Saw some Tribe peeps, saw Alex D, had a great time.

CLASSIC QUOTES (gino stylez)



- "TIESTO RULES! THIS IS SO GOOD!" (Matt Coleridge was spinning)

Ahhh....they never let me down.

Oh and lets not forget the e-tard "Hi, I just wanted to say that I really love your style. You're beautiful, really."

Is this a new pick up line? I HAVE STYLLLLLEEEE


that is all.


8/10 (Only cause he played my song)



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oh my sweet lord!

AWESOME - best trance set i've heard live

great, great fun!

good people, good times!

hi to all the people i saw and 'd'oh' to all of you who i missed in the crowds.



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Blah... I think I'm done with trance. Okay maybe sometimes I'll still listen to it in my car, but no more of this all-night trance nonsense.

Other than my new found dislike for this music, I think the whole event was pretty well done. Nice visuals, good sound, etc. etc. Tiesto played a couple of tracks that made me happy, but "Silence" was uncalled for

As expected, the shirtless loafer crowd was out in full force. Usually they don't bother me too much but I was in kind of a pissy mood so they got on my nerves after a while. To each their own I guess... But getting smeared with muscle sweat and constantly pushed around by walking bags of testosterone is not much fun.

I guess that's about it. Not much more to say here.....



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WOW, incredible set, better than Wintergalactic by far!! I can't beileve he plaeyd so many good songs, lots of classics! Eugina completely brought me back to the moment at Wintergalactic , mmm good memories. I loved how his set brought up so many memories, and made memories that will stay with me for a very long time. I hope I wasn't too obnoxious with giving out my vicks inhaler, but I had fun doing it for so many people

It was nice to see you again Cheerbear, I also met a few other people for the first time. 420, taleen, good to meet you guys.
Time for sleep.
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He followed closely to the tracks he spun in Montreal. Did anyone remember the track he openned up with, wondering if its the same.
Soft females voice Hooligan - 'Here Me Now' and then Rapture.


Special K

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MEH! Tiesto was *ok*
Ive never really been that big a fan of his to begin with. I dunno his set last night really didnt do it for me. Especially compared to CORSTENS set last week. In my opinion Corsten was waaaaaaaay better than Tiesto. Also i heard a BAD TRAINWRECK just after he got on which killed Tiesto for me even more. Whatever, like i said he was OK. Nothing special, personally i cant wait to see PVD this wednesday. Oh yea btw COLERIDGES opening set ROCKED!

feisty boy

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i remember hearing kind of a weird mix once, and the needle skipped a couple of times, but i certainly didn't hear a trainwreck last night.....
and "silence" was a little too much...
love that first track though - same one he opened his essential mix with..

overall, i've never been surrounded by so many ginos and porn stars - kind of crappy.

tiesto was almost toooo epic - up, down, up, down. but you can't help but love it when you see him dancing around, grinning, behind the decks. classic.
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Trance lives.

Wow, I really enjoyed that set! A lot of hard pumping tunes, and some definite classics thrown in. He didn't get repetitive or boring at all, and I was hoping he'd stay on longer.. Poor Abby, he had a really tough act to follow.

I was like you Cheer Bear, I gave up on dancing and just watching him work for a while. It makes such a difference to me when the DJ is having a great time, smiling, and dancing in the booth. It pumps up the crowd that much more.. I admire Tiesto for always having fun behind the decks, and for realising that he has one of the best jobs in the world. Also, taking a good long time to sign some autographs at the end of his set was a friendly move too. Class guy.

I think that people are getting more and more split over trance.. Either they love it or they hate it. I'll always have a soft spot for it and last night was a wicked time for me.

Great opening set from Mr. Coleridge as well, not surprisingly!

- Sam

PS: I wonder who got his V700-DJ headphones that he signed with a marker and threw into the crowd??? Yikes, that would have been very cool. (Although I would have been afraid of getting mobbed if I had caught them..)


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I could go on fer like hours about this...but I can some it up in one word.


Cheer Bear, you the bestest! MR. Phantom, MR. Pornstar, a pleasure as always.

Great time, dumbass atmosphere (to crowded with many people grabbing my ass for some reason? and of course, the gino population.)

Special K

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by feisty boy:
i remember hearing kind of a weird mix once, and the needle skipped a couple of times, but i certainly didn't hear a trainwreck last night.....

yea like 40 min into his set right? i dont know what that was but it was BAAAAD
keh kuh keh kuh keh kuh
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Yes, history was definitely made last night...never before have I been so tangled in a dj's furry of epic sounds. Tiesto blew my mind last night. I'm sure many people saw me, I was the really tall guy with the orange sunglasses on that would keep jumping up and down at every huge tune...I had so much fun

What made the night even more special for me was that I got to meet him and talk to him for a bit! ! ! I stuck around after, and everyone could go to the guvernments main room if they wanted...so I did. Low and behold Tiesto is at the bar just chattin away. I nervously approached him, and he was one of the nicest guys I'd ever met. I told him how I was from New York...and he implied to be NYC, even though I Live in Buffalo. He said that he was going to be in NYC at the end of October. He said that we need to get a smiles back in NYC. I told him he would be the perfect man for that job and he was so greatful. Such a class act.

I can't wait till he comes back....already!

A+, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars....!


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I had an AWESOME time as soon as I walked in the Koolhaus...Mat Colridge was REALLY awesome and a GREAT warm up to Tiesto.......

Everyone here has said pretty much what I thought of Tiesto here....I missed him at WinterGallactic but alot of my friends were there...They were REALLY hyped to hear him last night and NOW I now why....I LOVED his energy on stage for one....His track selection was aMAzing....I loved the highs and lows....I find him WAY better then Oakenfold (IMO)....I like a DJ that kinda tells a story through the music he selects and Tiesto trully took me places
.....We stayed in there 'till closing and loved Abby's ( I think thats his name ) set after Tiesto also....

I know it was too bad that alot of ginos were there and of course LEFT right after Tiesto but you know something.......I bought a brand new pair of black/red & white ECKO runners and NOBODY stepped on my feet last night

Now..........................should to hear Van Dyke on Wednesday
.......whew......SO much partying.........SO little time..........SO LITTLE $$$$$$........

......probably gonna go



TRIBE Member
^^^^^ that should read "should I GO to hear Van Dyke.....

note to self.....PROOFread all written material before handing it in.....

Cheer Bear

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"you make me wanna trancesturbate." - Kid Epic '01

I think that explains my Tiesto night.

What time did he finish off? Anyone? We left a bit early to beat the rush. The parking lot was fucking RIDICULOUS.


Cheer Bear

TRIBE Member
Oh yeah, did I mention he played Eugina?

And a big thank you to my girl ANGIE for giving me her I.D lonnnnnng ago. Without her, none of my nights at clubs/bars, would be possible.

"You're only 18? FUCK!"

"TURN 19 already so we can actually go to parties TOGETHER"

soooooooon, my friend. sooooon.
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INDEED TRANCE LIVES! and I hope these past two weekends with Ferry and Tiesto unleashing the quality trance that they did, will instill a new faith in Trance in the TO scene. As for all you f@#kers who think trance is dead, or that its not cool to listen to trance anymore, and that "Progressive" is the new thing to listen to, all I have to say is this: F you and F Progressive. Now that I've gotten that out, I hope to see all my fellow Trance fiends at ARMIN!


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CANADIAN CUSTOMS FUCKIN SUCKS!!!! grrrrr.. got to the peace bridge at 830, got turned back, had to go get a note from my friends mom (doesnt that sound lame), then finally got across the Lewiston bridge at 11.. what a pain in the ass.... blah!!!!

Anyways, I was pissed and got to Toronto in 45 minutes from the border - pretty crazy huh?
Then some guy tries to sell us tickets for $60 each, its pathetic that people actually pay that much when theres still tickets at the door.. line moved quickly..

Matt Coleridge spun a superb warmup set, that was the first time I've ever really gotten the chance to hear him spin and can't wait to hear a prime time slot from the guy.. as soon as Tiesto appeared on stage the chanting started, "Tiesto, Tiesto, Tiesto"
It was funny the couple of times he fucked up / or the needle skipped - everyone seemed to notice but just laughed and didn't really care.. the Flight 643 / Hide U track/remix whatever it is fuckin rocks!!! i loved it! Then at 157am we ran to the bar for last drinks and the girl was nice enough NOT to open the cans! woohoo! stuffed in a backpack and we had alcohol for the rest of the night stock piled.. lol..

was a great time, i just wish the border hadn't been a pain in the ass and we could've gotten there before 12:30.. oh well... now to try and decide to goto PVD or not....


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What did everyone think of Tiesto when he played FTWK @ Tonic the first time this year?. Really early in the summer.

That was the worst set I ever heard. evAr. I'm not even exagerating.



TRIBE Member
Tiesto played FTWK? I thought the only other time he was in Toronto in 2001 was for Wintergalactic.... *shrug...


New Member
Tiesto at Tonic?
I dont think so.

Similar set to Wintergalactic, Pulsar _ Cloudwalking was my highlight, sick song live.

Needle was skipping because water was falling on to the records from the humidity, off the ceiling.

Best set I heard? Probably not. Kind of liked Wintergalactic better. BUT he can really move the croud. Comfort zone was crazy after also, Think addy dropped another set there as well. Its tough listening to Pro. House after trance, maybe thats why the place cleared out so fast after Tiesto.
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