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Tiesto on NYE


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From twitter:
Suck my dick slow - Posthumous Tweets ‏@uncle_quincy
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i can't even laugh.

it's so weird to me that i almost want to be there.

to see it with my own eyes.

Bernnie Federko

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That's Miami. And it's not even crazy for Miami, to be honest. 3400 for 8 guys entrance (includes mandatory bottle service) is the normal for a Friday.


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this puts a smile on my face. people give the guy 40 million a year, he throws a party for his buddies. Then it blows everyone's mind, when the looser table at the back of the club costs more than the average american's salary.


The most important question, is Who's got the cab fare to CZ after.

living the dreeeeem!
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What is with the gender-based pricing? I've seen that only at sleazy pick up bars where girls get in free.
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Lil wayne 100,000 for almost 80 bottles at lil Wayne's studio. Unless you're brining 80 friends, what kind of night is that!! It's called waking up
Halfway across the world in a stupor. Get your own ride home. Homies!

Hey ah. Aren't we making tunes broo?


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What are the party favors? Better be a good supply of fat uncut lines all night long for those prices...



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It boggles my mind that anyone would pay that kind of money to see any DJ. They do know that he's just playing prerecorded music don't they?


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it would be so perfect if some Saudi Prince rolled in the club that night and had Tiesto kicked off the decks in favour of the house DJ who plays the right kind of dubstep.
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