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Tie for 1st place in TRIBE F1 Racing Pool.


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A three way tie for first place in the Tribe group F1 Poll.

Position Participant Points
1 DJ Finch 60
2 SneakyPete 60
3 Vise 60
4 Karim 50
5 Sporty Dan 40
6 Phillip S 10

And Tribe's group standings amongst the field:

Position Group Participants Total Points Average per plyr.
179 (of 230) Tribe 6 280 46.00

Not toooooo shabby considering how we all scored nada for the first race.

Good luck gentlemen.


P.S. If anyone wants to join late for the pool, visit www.f1racing.com - but please do not join the Tribe group, as you have missed 3 races, and will bring down our score!


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