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April 21st, 2006 ThirdEye Productions, Area709 & seed of life present:

featuring TICON http://www.ticonmusic.com
(Digital Structures - Sweden) - Progressive Psytrance live PA

MAIN ROOM with :
Sons of Aurora - Progressive Psytrance(709)
Wes Straub - Morning Trance (709)
Dreamweaver - Psytrance (709, seed of life0
RayZen - Psytrance (Third Eye)
Greenchild - Psytrance (Third Eye)

CHILL ROOM (by Seed of Life)
e-Yen (Seed of Life)
I:isus (Seed of Life)
dj Geosphere (Seed of Life,envirotribe,caaas)
Alexi (3 Ohm)

Brand New Venue
Sci-Fi Themed Party :Mind-Blowing Decor , Yoga and Meditation
Tickets $30 - ONLY 300 AVAILABLE!
Available at Earthgems (1116b, 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB).
info @ www.byrondreamweaver.com
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room