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Ticket Rip-off: What to do?


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So I heard about the Sasha & Digweed tickets going on sale last week, and I decided to get right on the situation. However, I didn't want to pay over $10 per ticket on service charges at Ticketmaster, so I called Guvernment to see if they'd be sending out early bird tickets to the record shops. They told me they would not be doing that. True enough, I see the next day that there are no more early bird tickets available on TM. So, I decide to bite the bullet and get them online since getting downtown for me isn't the most convenient trip.

Then my buddy goes to Release a few days later and buys his ticket. For the early bird price. God damn Guvernment liars. :mad:

Now I have three tickets that cost me almost $60 a piece, and I can still get early bird tickets from a record shop. It's not the $40 vs. $60 that pisses me off, it's Ticketmaster's ridiculous service charges. Should I just buy three early bird ones and sell my TM ones to someone in line? I'd sell for face value of course, and hopefully that'd save them some money since tickets will no doubt be $60+ at the door. The only danger is that I get screwed if no one wants to buy them (not likely), or if door tickets are the regular price of $46 (also not likely, but possible).

- Sam

PS: The fact that this is only going until 4am also really sucks balls.


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I've paid for tickets through Ticketmaster before where they were more expensive than at the door prices.

Cheers ... Ian :)


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That sucks.

Thank god I live in Buttfuck, Nowhere.....

I get to avoid most of that......but then again, we don't get the shows in the first place.......

Catch 22
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ouch, that sucks sam. i went to the guvernment website and it said there that earlybirds would be on sale at the record shops. granted, each shop was selling for different prices, $40 at release, $42 at the pit, for example. whatever happened to like $1 service charges!?

keep in mind that this is going to be a BIG party and that you probably won't have much problem selling them before the party, as long as you do it before the lineup gets there and people realize they can get tickets at the door for $50 or so.

good luck.

Jeremy Jive

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There was a thread about this the other day. The final concensus was don't buy tickets from TM unless you like to support those assholes and like to get ripped off.

jeremy -ticketbastards- jive


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Everyone time I go to ticket master I have a problem

Sorry we don't take interact, sorry we don't take $100's sorry we don't take $50's. Sorry, we don't like your aditude. sorry we close before the store(sunrise) does. Sorry, you have to come to this side of the counter!!!!



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I would suggest selling the tickets in line. For some reasons it's really easy to sell tickets for parties than any other kind of events.



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That really blows... I almost ended up in your exact postion RJ45... I also contacted Guvernment about the S&D tickets before they went on sale and got the same story, that pre-sale were only available at Ticketmaster...

So I was about to bite the bullet and buy my tix from Ticketmaster on Thursday night, but I got there too late at ticketmaster was closed. Get up Friday morning, check the Ticketmaster website and noticed that the earlybirds are sold out already!!! So, called up Release planning to buy them at regular price and surprise, surprise, they had earlybirds... so I lucked out and got them for $40....
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Sam, I think it was full of service charges because you bought the tickets online. They always manage to sneak in bullshit charges like that. That's the price you pay for convenience I guess. If you would have went to an actual TM outlet I think the service charges would only be the regular $2-3. Now you know for next time.