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THZ003 - "Hollywood North EP" feat DJ Wood and Jimmy Towers about to drop


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THz003 – Hollywood North EP Part 1
a. DJ Wood – Poppa Large
aa. Jimmy Towers – Groove School

From the label dedicated to pushing that full spectrum breakbeat sound, comes the 3rd release from twentyHz Music. This marks the first in a 3 part series entitled “Hollywood North EP," which will feature 6 tracks from the twentyHz multi-talented roster of artists.

a. “Poppa Large” by DJ Wood (click link for audio)


Hot off the release of his debut single “Bun Dem” on twentyHz Music, the big poppa returns with “Poppa Large.” This JB’s inspired, ass shakin’, funk jam has the flavah and the horns to make ya jump and shout. Fans of Fort Knox Five, Malente, Skeewif, Boca 45, West, Splank! and All Good Funk Alliance take note.
Early CDR pressure from heavyweight players Jon H (FK5), Rusty Belicek (AGFA), Atomic Hooligan, Stanton Warriors, DJ Love, Myagi, Mat The Alien & Vinyl Ritchie.

b. “Groove School” by Jimmy Towers (click link for audio)


A newcomer to the twentyHz family, JT is the alias of Vancouver house selector Andy Clockwork. His debut on twentyHz is a west coast house meets breaks hybrid that will fit nicely in the boxes of house or breaks DJs in search of subtle, deep breaks grooves. Fans of 10Kilo hold tight!

What the peeps got to say:

DJ Love (Stellar Music, Air Recordings/ USA):
”OHHHHHH! The percussion is tight on this..... this is sweet!!” (DJ Wood – Poppa Large)

Rusty Belicek (All Good Funk Alliance/ USA)
“DJ Wood "Poppa Large" this is the kinda of funky breaks I can pack in my gun and blast at the dance floor. Full of the James Brown funk and that tech pumping edge that I love, when the horns come in its all over. I love this track. In my top 10.”

Jon H (Fort Knox Five/ USA)
“POPPA LARGE!!! That joint rocks!”

Atomic Hooligan (Menu Music, Botchit & Scarper/ UK)
“ Poppa Large” is funkier then my stank ass sleeping on the twentyHz office chair for a week, not showering with only a steady diet of strictly pork products.

Myagi (West, Splank!, Money Shot, Pure Phunk, 2 Wars/ Canada)
“Poppa Large” is proper big beat funk. Loved the last DJ Wood record "Bun Dem" and this tune is a great follow up for sure. Great horns and dubby treatment on the samples, wicked drumwork too. Respect!

Release date: May 8th 2006

2103 Columbia St.
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3E2

Made in the UK
Available Exclusively through Z-Audio: info@zaudio.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 208 438 6317 Fax: +44 (0) 208 438 6433

For Additional Sales & Distribution Info
Contact: dan@2wars.com
Tel. 416 533 9137, Fax. 416 531 7027
www.2wars.com, info@2wars.com
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