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THz002 - Wicked Lester vs Marlin "In The Pocket (Eye Level) EP" coming soon!


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THz002 – Wicked Lester vs Marlin “In the Pocket (Eye Level) EPâ€
a. “In The Pocket†by Wicked Lester feat Natasha Thirsk
b1. “In The Pocket instrumental†by Wicked Lester
b2. “Eye Level†by Marlin

Straight out of Vancouver, BC comes the 2nd release from twentyHz Music. Headed up by Canadian breakbeat figurehead DJ Soda, twentyHz promises fresh, full spectrum breaks.

The A Side “In The Pocket"

Canadian producers Wicked Lester aka Brian Carson & Vinyl Ritchie are emerging as one of the top talents in North America’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Their debut album “Wicked†released in 2004 on Nettwerk Records was one of the most heralded electronic albums to come out that year.

In addition to their release on Nettwerk, they have released singles on Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ imprint, Bigfoot Recordings, as well as remix work for Skeewif’s Jalapeno Records.

Wicked Lester has performed throughout North America and Europe including repeat performances at the infamous Fabric in London.

Their debut release on twentyHz sees Wicked Lester collaborate with The Dirt Mitts’ vocalist, Natasha Thirsk to remix Marlin’s “Eye Level.†The result is a hybrid of rock guitars and a sultry low slung rolling electro break that builds and builds.

The B side:

B1. “In The Pocket (instrumental)â€

B2. “Eye Level†by Marlin

Direct from British Columbia’s hidden gem, the Sunshine Coast, Marlin has engineered his own blend of guitar, percussion, sampling and scratching into richly organic sounding compositions. His debut album “Grid Modeâ€, released independently, sold thousands of copies around the world.

Eye Level is a beautiful mid tempo track with luscious keys, guitar hooks and a hypnotizing vocal, with that will fit nicely with many club or lounge environments.

What the peeps got to say:

Jon H (Fort Knox Five)
– “I have been rocking this joint on CDR for about a year. It is my favorite Wicked Lester tune to date. The guitars are ripping! My BC Brothers are rocking it once again. Big ups!â€

Rusty Belicek (All Good Funk Alliance)
– “The Wicked Lester "In The Pocket†is very original, the dub rolls and build up are nice.â€

Release Date: Nov 14th 05'

Available Exclusively through Z-Audio: info@zaudio.co.uk
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Contact: dan@2wars.com
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