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Thursday Nights?


TRIBE Member
Any club nights?

I've got an overnight stop over on the 21st of March in T.O. and I'm gonna visit my sisters...but we're gonna be looking for something to do.....

And I'd love to meet up with some Tribe Break-Heads if possible.
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theres breaks at the Labrynth Lounge on thursdays.
no cover...

the bakery attached to the place has a crazy assortment of cakes too! like reeally good cakes.

Angus Robinson

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on the March 21st, myself, J-Mat (beaker's new breaks/techno alias) and Dave Saddler will be playing at Milano's for B-Line's "Funky 4/4 Thursdays". More info to follow shortly...

Milano's is a sweet bar with a very classy atmosphere!

coming soon: b-lineproductions.com


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K, my sisters live on River St.

How close is that to Milano's?

I don't know the exact address......all I know is 60 River St is their apartment building.
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Angus Robinson

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Milano's is right downtown, at 325 King St. West, right across the street from the Holiday Inn.

River street is downtown as well, but on the East side. I think 60 River St. should be around King St, actually... It'll be about a 5 minute cab ride from your sisters' (which is pretty good for Toronto ;) ).

BTW, grand opening for the night at Milano's is March 7th.