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thankyou for having me out..the venue looked sweet..it looked like alot of work went into decorating the place...
my set...ouch..wtf? i dunno..sorry it was sooo bad...i'm sure eveything else went well =)



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I've been stuck in my room writing a paper for school..but I have also been listening online all night...sounds good bois

Right now..it is the DJ #9, Subsonic Chronic..and the apparently wasted Beaker *lol*

Everyone's been wikkid so far
Almost feel like I was there haha
Great idea to broadcast online

SOundstream --> Heart of Asia!! *YAY*

nitey nite!



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It felt like a family reunion. Seriously. So many friendly faces and many more people to meet, it was such an amazing experience. It reminded me of the smaller parties of, dare I say it, the ol'skool times....

although it is 4:30 a.m. and I am in no state to type, I must admit this party surpassed the many I have been to in the last while. I lost myself in the music, saw people I hadn't seen in ever, and met people that I am sure I will see in the many days/months to come.

so wikkid.

To those on the organizing side of things, thank you so much for such an amazing event.

takes my breath away.


~ Johane


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Even thought after Eclipze sets it wasn't really my music at all... I still had a great time.

It was a nice crowd, small and everyone seemed to be having a good time...

I had a few drinks in me, but I was ok to stumble around takig pics all night

Here a few of my favourite pics from the evening...




Subsonic rocking it...

Smile alexd!

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if anyone knows a reason why REV and uk hardhouse, NRG and hard trance should not be united, please speak now or forever hold your peace...

what a goddamn amazing party!!!!

i rushed over after work at around 1am, to catch the last half of SOS's set..nice and hard, and great to start the bouncing and REV drinking to. after pounding them back..(and may i add i am NOT impressed with $7.25 REV's grrr...) i went to work the door for the next hour and half. still, from outside the party room, the music was pounding with the likes of Subsonic Chronic, Number 9, and Beaker...good, good stuff...very nice guys, not that im surprised..but a wikkid set...made it back inside for the one like voytek and rob (otis) set...firstly, the requiem for a dream track to start the set brought a tear to my eye..but i was immediatly picked up with "swallow it down" i think its called (correct me if im wrong guys)....GOOD LORD I LOVE THIS TRACK!!!!!...kept on dancing till after 5am...but then it was time to go home..after mixing martinis all nite, then dancing for 4 hours..i was beat...but overall what an amazing party!! the reverb looked great, the dj's rocked, and i saw so many great friends i havent seen in a while...well done guys!!!


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wow, there was a party last night?

seriously i don't know what happened. i was trying to pace myself and all of the sudden...

thanks to everyone who came out and made this party happen!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ThePlunger:
^^^hahahahahaha! I told you so! Socks for YOU!!!
haha..or one sock anyways...

Matt!!!! i told you!!! (not that you remember)...are you drunk? you best not be getting drunk..next thing i knew it was written all over your face...haha...but it was still a wikkid party
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Great party guys!
I had alot of fun, as expected.
It had all the chemistry needed to be a good night.

Shitty I had to leave shortly after SOS set (which was a trip down memory lane, esp. with "Kadok - The Night Train")
BUT I'll be listening to the sets as soon as their archived.

Rob ? how do we get to the archived sets ??


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I wish I coulda been there.

I listened online though and the ukhardhouse.com boys were fucking solid as per usual. Voytek and Otis' set in the morning was sweet as well...one of you gents dropped Nuw Idol's "My Liberation", that's a great tune...probably my favourite Well Wicked release thus far. Nicely done.

Congratulations to all the organizers!


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i absolutely adored sos's set... reminded me of so long ago...
(i had to come home and look for all of my old tapes!!

we definitely need more parties like this...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Spinsah:
one of you gents dropped Nuw Idol's "My Liberation", that's a great tune...probably my favourite Well Wicked release thus far. </font>
Hehe, yeah, I wonder who the biggest Nuw Idol on this board is, Spence? The one that went immediately after was his new promo "Off the Hook"... That was its second dancefloor test in TO, and it did well once again!
He's a possible Thump! headliner, too!!

I had a shitload of fun and love the suspended dex set-up, allowing for maximum manuverability but not guaranteeing a skipless set if you're a moron (the fuuuuuucked up intro, fuuuuuuuuuck!!!) or if people throw socks (!!!) at the poor drunken Beaker... Beaker, eh? As Sean from E-mail keeps pointing out, this dude doesn't get enought respect. So here it comes from me:


for being a wickeed DJ, spinning perfectly when barely standing on your feet, for being a wickeed promoter and throwing this event, and for being one of my most favourite people in the world! fo'reel...

And thanks for TDV's "I don't care", one of the best tunes EVUR!!!

Another dose of RIZPECT! goes out to my brother OTIS for being the other half of the wickeed Thump! machine and my favourite spinning pardner... Much uncondtional love going your way mang!

This whole party really did feel, like the lovely-lovely Johane pointed out, like a family reunion. I took me about half an hour to say Hi! to everyone there, and it was sweet to see so many happy chillin' people! You guys all rock!!! RRRRROCK!!! (Special considerations go out to Dynovac and Isa, whom I haven't seen in ages and who fucking owned the dancefloor like it ain't no thing!!)

The music and decor and lighting were all top notch all night, as was the crowd and music and, um, music! Thanks to Alex D. for his endorsement and shots and to prOnstar who suffered through trance for his art of photography...

what else? For the first time evur, I span an entire set plugged up with the Etymiotic ear-plugs (in one ear) and it was really good. Thanks again deep!!! And I will have to repeat the whole Requiem for a Dream intro one of these days it sounded soooooooo good (and propah

An erratic review, (as was the whole night for me
), but it's from the heart!
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"The sock is under the chair"

...is a term a friend of mine commonly used to indicate that everything is wicked. And I think it perfectly described this party in more ways than one.

Beginning the night Eclipze was bombarded with some mixer problems that he managed to over come with some brute agression towards his mixer. But a wicked set nonetheless as the web archive indicates..

Soundstream.. again a tight set of wicked choons that perfectly setup the night's warm mood.

Twitch & Satori I think, that night, got the most positive comments given to them with the most devilish techno-trance set that anchored the proper level of hard for the night..

SOS, what can I say, his oldcshool audio chronology of trance exhibitioned that night brought back some wicked memories, and I think he really enjoyed it cuz he would grab the mic ever so often to comment on the tune playing. Wicked!

Beaker, Subsonic Chronic & (Nimble) Number Nine let it all out with a full onslaught of cool tunes that didn't disappoint.. and being liquored up added to the character of the set.. it took Beaker a full 45 seconds to figure out that an stray sock (yes the thing that goes on ones foot before a shoe) had landed on his turntable.. hahahahahahah..
(the sock was truly under the chair!)

Voytek & I, our set intro was the Summer oveture to Requiem for a Dream, sped up to 140 bpm so it could properly be mixed for maximum effect, too bad another "piece of cloth" had bumped into the table right at the transition drop minimizing the impact. But a smooth set nonetheless and we had people dancing right to the end so that's really what counted!

I want to thank everyone that helped THUMP! become a reality..

Team ERPHI (Erin & Phil)
Team ANDEB (Andrea & Debbie)
Team ADJUST (Adrienne & Justin)
Team LOJO (Lori & Johane)
for taking door all night,

Alex D for spilling a beverage on the G-list sheet.. (I will scan & post it for futher scrutiny) for also taking pics that night, and for just plain showing up.. thanx man.

Sean from Email for screaming his drunken babble on the mic which got the crowd bumpin many a time.

My Boy Wojtek, for being my most favouritest partner & crime on & off the decks.. always a phun experience manjo.

Of course my partners Matt (Beaker) & Ian (Soundstream) for all your help. We learned alot through all this and as well I think we got many things right on the first try.

I think you all can expect another THUMP-ing from us sometime soon.

Grooerince.com internet radio for providing the servers that casted the stream all night.
The archive of the whole night coming soon.. just gotta fix a few things..

And of course the crowd so many familiar faces and email addresses I could finally put a face/name to.. without you, THUMP! couldn't have been possible..

So till the next one keep your heads up, your beats heavy, and remember.. Do things the hard way!



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Some Bangin' Tunes
+ Some Cool People
+ Alcomohol
+ Smoke of the Green Kind
+ Some More Alcomohol
= Damn Good Times!!

I hadnt been to the Reverb in awhile...in fact i think the first Email was the last time i remember being there, so it was nice to see it again. I was actually alot more comfortable with the space than i though i would be...of course alot of that had to do with the decor..which was definitely a nice touch...good job Smokie!

Music was DEFINITELY on the $$$$...i missed a few sets unfortunately, but i did manage to catch everything after SOS...Mr. V, thanks for laying down some Floyd, me lovezz that tune...
yih...and to be honest...i hadnt seen Subsonic spin in awhile either..so it was definitely nice to see him again.

All in all...it was a grrrrreat night! I certainly cannot wait to be thumped again...



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Wicked-(well)wicked night, with plenty of awesome people and great music. Let me begin by saying, I have not seen many of you for a long time and what a better night to catch up than last Friday night (you say: ha?).

Ever since I heard about this party I knew it will stay in people's memories for a long time! The strength being not only people performing, but also the ones who put the energy into it, that made it happen (massive respect to you, seems like you pulled off a well-wicked one!).

But back to the performers... SOS with an oldschool trance?!?!?! Wtf?! That's the stuff many of us grew into the scene through (at least I did
) And hell ya, he surely did not dissapoint. Him getting on the mic (like Rob said) has always elevated the mood of any party. I still remember on one of his tapes: 'Comfortably Numb' him saying: 'Time to seriously kick some ass, I'm SOS and here we go!' *Shiverzz*

Twitch and Satori - the techno trance brothers, the pure energy, the bliss, the serenity of Twitch and perfectly erratic mixing of Satori, the two opposites combining into one...

Beaker, Subsonic Chronic, Numba 6Nine - combining three leading Toronto masters of UK HH and NRG styles, what else can you ask for? Pete with the onslaught of Hard NRG (as hard as it gets), Matt with more elaborate tracks, J with the perfect bridging tracks to complete the efforts of this trio. NRG at its best! Why-o-why did I miss the 'sock is under the table' incident?!
That's prime!

Voytek & Otis - the last several months brought them together as individuals and performers. Playing together throughout Canada and hosting a weekly radio show, they became certainly the most deadly Hard Trance duo in Toronto. These guys are not only a great team but absolute masters of their own sound. The intro to their set was a typical example of the creative talents within them that are yet to be revealed in full. The evil tracks, hard epic, devastating bass, piercing melodies, all of the bestest shit that Hard Trance has to offer. Well done (I'm sure)

The Decorations! What else can You expect from Smokee?! The overall production - did not settle for second best with the finances available.

The people - where do I start my list, you were all there, dancin' away the night, bouncin of the walls, having a major laugh, just 'avin it like there is no tomorrow, the atmosphere you can create is unimaginable, yet I remember, so it was easy to imagine, ... as I imagined the whole night...
yes I imagined, cause I couldn't even hear a foookin' thing, as the foookin' internet was foookin' down, so please (and this goes to Rob) let me know where the archives are!!!

Congrats Thump! Sounds like you did an ultraproper job of starting the insanity, teee heeee...

All my luv'n'respect - Michal.

PS. Ian (Soundstream) and Eclipze - I'm sorry for not reviewing your sets, but I have never seen you play and my imagination isn't THAT vibrant


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CO2:
All in all...it was a grrrrreat night! I certainly cannot wait to be thumped again...

yeah, so you can burn more holes in my clothing!!!


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Michal! Nice to hear from ya bruvah!

anyhow.. here is the RealAudio Archive of the night..

It's a bit tinny because I had the pitch shifter effect enabled on the encoding end the whole time.. so I had to reprocess it
and as a result it sounds a bit wonky but anyhow
THUMP! - Live To Air, November 23 '01

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Also, you can now check the website
for further updates, 3 options to listen to the real audio archive (including two different streaming methods, and ability to download whole file), as well as a 30 second video clip of SOS in action.

If you have photos from the night, we will soon create a pic archive, so if you have some that you would like to contribute please email info@thump.ca.


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Grrrrr I just typed a nice 200 word review about the party but then spelled my username wrong and lost the whole damn thing.

SO lets just say Yay for the party..i had fun even tho i only stayed 2 hrs.

I own Kadok-The night train and i bought it in the uk 2 years ago for $1 so yay for that.
Throw another party soon so i can stay the whole nite!
Here are my pictures

Me and Heather

My first time meeting Pr0nstar-lots of fun!

Me n Nick