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Honestly, this was the best party I have been to in the longest time.

It felt like a family reunion. Friends everywhere, it was packed, and there was nothing but good tunes being pumped out.

I LIKE JUNGLE!!!! well, at least if it is spun by Doublecross and OTIS, because they were fucking incredible. I was dancing my little heart away. beautiful.

well, I am so beyond ability to type right now, but I just have to state that Mike.... it was amazing seeing you tonight.
and you came back with full force, people everywhere, smiles all around.... honestly.... I missed you so much.

thanks again, THUMP.

this night goes down in my fave night o' the year book!


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Just got to my friend's place... SUCH A GOOD TIME. Had fabulous fun with everyone in attendance. Music and vibe (who talks about vibe anymore these days?) were absolutely killer.

The Music:

Otis BTB Toxic: Some of the hardest oldschool jungle i've heard in a long time. Was callin for the reaload like a madman for Ready or Not, which I haven't heard since DJ Hype a couple years ago. hyyyype set, lots of fun

Doublecross: Always a good time, always extending the borders of DNB a little further. Trick of Technology was due for some play time since it's been at least 3 years since i've heard it spun at a party. ('cept for otis!... TWICE IN ONE NIGHT, how can you go wrong?)

"I want you to take me into your labratory, show me just what it is you ARE doing..... tell me what it's all about!"

When was the last time i was happy that i heard a song played twice? Those two sets brought me back, and i loved the basement at Labyrinth tonight.

Aright... Subsonic Chronic rocked upstairs like only he knows how. Big fun each and every time.

Mike - MKMirage. GOOD times had by everyone. Glad to see everything you've learned in the UK. Enjoy every second you've got out there, man.

ATAT played lotsa epic to keep the vibe alive.... kickin major ass like only he knows how. Pour the gin SLOWLY!

Always good to see lots of people out having a great time. Suprising the number of people out, it was obviously well put together. Biggup the THUMP organizers... mad respect for throwing the best party so far of 2002.

Cheers everyrone. Have a good one. -Duncan


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OTIS and DOUBLECROSS fucking own!!!
First time ever hearing OTIS spin and he's got a wicked aura when he's up there. There were some tracks that I haven't heard in a LONG time. Congratulations on the TRIBE feature, you deserve it, man. And Doublecross is just a fucking class act. Again, wicked to hear your sets. Always.

Also, much respect to the THUMP! people for packing it. It looked like a good turnout.

Omg, tonight was one of those nights that reminded me of how WEIRD this whole Tribe phenomenon is. How I can sit, look around and see a million people that I care about and respect. The atmosphere was amazing and I thank all of you for being a group of individuals who love music so much. It's inspiring to see the support.

And a big thanks to everyone who was nice to my "boyfriend" who showed up unexpectantly. He's more into house but the friendly people made him feel less out of place.

Oh, and Kenny kissed me goodbye (on the cheek). *swoon*

I can sleep a happy man. :D
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well that was... unexpected.

I jumped a cab down there at the last minute (12:30)

place was packed and jumpin... nice selection of music... and wide variety of people... good energy tho and friendly :)


and Duncan... sweet smiling face as usual :D

good times



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Overall a decent time, as I didn't like the music very much :D Too much trance in my pants...

I enjoyed Otis & Toxic's old skool set of Jungle and the breaks were ok... and Satori at least played some decent Techno and Tech House.

It was fun seeing the usual gang of Tribe freaks...

That is all, enjoy the pics...











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i'm still reeling from how well things went last night. what a great way to welcome mike back to canada. thanks to everyone who came out to help out, spin, or party with us! :D

mike - sorry we didn't get a chance to chat much, i'll see you on thursday for infected mushroom. :)

ian & rob - good work kids. sorry i had to make my usual early drunken exit. i guess we'll have to consider doing another one of these, huh?
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good tunes
a tummy full of beer
great company
and most beautiful woman in the world :)
what more could you ask for.....


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Originally posted by pr0nstar


AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Too bad I missed ya.... started drinking at 7pm with Louie! :D Had quite the interesting nite...started off record shoppping, then hit the HARD ROCK CAFE (snuck in our REVS ;) ), then stumbled on over to the BRASS RAIL ...dayuuuum.... and then went over to the LAb! Unfortunately I had to leave at 12, and catch the last train home! I arrived home just after 1am and it had felt like 6am -haha!
I was able to catch the last of Wes' set -had me dancin hard :D
Such a good nite -L&L Adventures too be continued ;)


DJ Doublecross

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Last night was an awesome party for sure, thanks to the boys at THUMP for having me. The memories get progressively more blurry as the night went on, but from what I remember, some quality fun was had! Lots of people I hadn't seen in a cow's age too, it seemed like everyone was out to party.

Special thanks to duncan for the post-last call drinks, that was some smart thinking! And thanks to mingster too for the ride home, you saved me a long and painful ride on the vomit comet.

No thanks go to slippery pete, who is trying to sullen my reputation with blatant lies and allegations.



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That's what I call a nice laid back evening with friends. Too bad I was tired and sick. But at least I made it!

OTIS: nice to hear you spin! I haven't listened to some good ol' jungle in a long time. And your stuff was just what I had been missing.
Other impressive sets: Twitch, AT-AT.

Vinder: can I give you a towel-show?
Evan: Sorry bout the crazy reindeer, LOTR, Santa Claus talk. It all made sense last night! *shrug*

Nice to see everyone! :)



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Man, it was HOT! The whole thing - HOT!! Everything - HOT!!!

It was a long and entertaining night. Only a few minutes of respite between all kinds of memorable moments, or rather differently coloured snapshots of that grand feeling that is only possible when shit just comes together on its own. Knowing 90% of the people inside the place helps too, and so does having my best boy back for a bit, just knowing he's there and as happy to be there as I was.

Rob and Ian and Matt did an excellent job on hooking everything up. Maybe I'm getting old, but throwing more intimate jams like this one is most definitely where it's at for me. Nothing beats the feeling of a wickeed house party when you know you don't have to clean up afterwards. We even had a pillow fight downstairs!!!:D

Much respect to everyone that made it down (the whole lot of yous, but Melopants especially 'cause she was sick, hehe), to our girls for the help with the set up and spreading their infectious smiles around, all the DJs that volunteered their time and kicked ass, and my trusted Heiney towel for taking care of my perspiration problem.;)

That mad oldschool session downstairs courtesy of Toxic and Otis, and my partner in crime - comrade Twitchinski - deserve a special mention, but nothing could possibly beat having The Rapist back, if only for an hour - the floor response said it all! And my neck's hurting from headbanging, a lot!

Thank you Me-How for coming down, and for my newest Blade Runner remix, and (*drumroll*) a little hardcover book entitled DA GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ALI G.!!!!! 4eel...:cool:

What an excellent night it was! And more to come, no doubt...


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I totally forgot:


Thanks for closing the party in style brother!

[post no. um, what comes after 27?]


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Big thanks to everyone for making this night the great success it was.

Thanx to all the DJ's that made the vibe what it was... Rick, we always click on the decks like magic and it was a pleasure.

Voytek n Twitch.. AWESOME!

J-Mat, the funky shit is the shit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAG'N'FLY! Thanx for spending it with us man!

My boys Ian And Matt, we have a bright future..

thanx to all the people who helped decorate and the mosaic blend of beautiful people that came out and partied in unison..

Thanx to the couple dry humping in the TBK corner.

and to the venue owners for being soooo cool with everything.

86 pictures taken..

Still recoupin' so special guest tonight on Protocol.... DJ Compact Disk.


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Fun, Fun, Funnnn! :)

Unfortunately for myself, i dont get to go to many trance events, and when i do...i make sure i try to have as much fun as i can!..The good thing was that this time around, the fun was brought to me by the THUMPEE's in attendance who were all smiling and grooving the return of the one and only rapist. :) Good seeing you back buddy, it had been far too long!@

I pretty much like most of the sets i heard, OTIS my man you rocked the show in the dungeon, especially with that nifty little "In The Air" piece at the end...sweet stuff. Pete and Mr. Therapy were at their bone jarring best (as per usual) with nice driving beats. Voytek my man, as always, you rocked the show with the stuff that i love...mmmm Floyd...and i only got to hear bits and pieces of the rest of the dj's, but when i did listen, they sounded downright sweet...

Thanks to everyone who made my night last night, and to those I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time!

All in all...a great night, with great friends, and a GOOD PARTY...looking foward to my next Thumpin'. :)



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i hope to see you before you go back mike...

if anyone has his number while hes here please email me, all i gots is his uk number...

glad the party was good though

johane, i bet you were even the cutest dancer... ;)


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holy tribefest

i honestly was NOT in the mood for a party after a really long and not so great day-- but damn am i glad i dragged my ass down to the lab. congrats to the THUMP boys for a kickass second event-- i know matt was just beside himself all night with all the people that showed.

Despite the fact that it was stupid hot (upstairs) or ridiculously smokey (downstairs) i still danced my ass off. OTIS vs. TOXIC was a treat for me, esp. since it was my first time seeing Rob spin jungle. hey, news flash, i like jungle. Caught the end of Pete's set (thanx for dropping that weirdo got2bfunky track, i haven't heard it in a while) and all of Therapist's, to which i say THANK YOU-- anyone who opens with "Groove is in the Heart" is a winner. mike, you win. :) Satori as per usual, was amazing. And it had to be good if i was still dancing at 3 after the day i had.

and of course, the TBK love-in -- fun times, nice to see everyone, blah blah blah, what was the deal with the people making out?

(oh...if anyone found my toque, please PLEASE let me know... it's a black pilot toque with a band of white and grey snowflake-type design on it.)
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That party was sooo SWEET !!! Within 5 mins I was handed 3 free drinks...And ran into ALOT of people I know.
As for music ::
Subsonic Chronic - SWEEET !!
Mike - SAWEEEET !!!
Doublecross - Double SWEET !!!
Twitch vs Voyteck - Mmmm, sweet trancey sweetness !!
Drag n Fly - Happy Birthday Cake Sweet !!!
Whoever was playing techno downstairs at 3:45 - Super sweet and tasty !!!

The ladies in tha house - Sweetest thing of all !!!
Thanks guys for a wikkid party, I had a blast and it was good to see so many show up to support Mike's return.



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I got a massive hangover, but not the alkytype one... last night came and went as if it was a dream, and it was the most beatiful of dreams, the dream that surpassed any of my hopes and have annihilated any uncertainties I had about coming back to Toronto. It was a dream filled with many lovely people in smiles, enjoying the company of each other, sharing hugs, kisses. good words, dancing madly, messing about, pillow fighting, just having an awesome time. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE and making last night absolutely incredible.

To Ian, Rob and Matt - I dont know where to start thanking you for making it happen, like I said last night, you have made me one happy pup! You have organised a wonderful party and you have placed so many good, good friends together in one place - believe me - not many things compare with that!

Thanx to all the DJs who provided a high quality expereince for all of us, congrats to Endless on his proper Toronto debut. Well done! I'm happy that I was there to witness it! Happy B-day Jamie!

Thanx to all the friends who have made the evening this memorable. I wish last night was tonight but hey, there is still quite some time left before the ocean will seperate us once again. Let's make it count!

Luv Ya! M.


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there really isnt much left to say that hasnt been posted here allready.

what a wicked night!!! :D :D

Subsonic Chronic

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What a great night!!
Everywhere I looked was friendly faces. Everyone seemed so happy to be there and in the mood to party. The Labrynthe lounge was packed with great people and great music all night.

Mike!!! It was SO GOOD to hear you spin again, I missed that hard trance sound that you've perfected for so long, it was great to have you back for a night. :D

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