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three words...


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(hip hop special sun. feb 15th) *disclaimer* i am NOT involved in this night.

i wasn't supposed to tell too many people so you didn't hear it form me - got it!?

a BIG hip hop dj is in town tomorrow night to play (sunday feb 15th) a little impromptu guest gig at a relatively small venue. think "big dj - small club" and i've been told it's absolutely free as well.

email me for deets and keep it on the 'dl' amongst only your closest hip hop lovin' family.


the guests's name is three words long and the outfit he dj'd for is also three words long.

the night is being hosted by a juno-nominated and source magazine award winning hip hop cat based right here in the t.o. as well. this is turning out to be an amazing week for local hip hop fans... diamond d. this past thursday, pete rock & cl smooth tonight. this show tomorrow night. and dj premier on the 21st... damn. ol' school hip hop at it's finest.

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some more fun with three words...

best describing the artist in question featured at this jam:

"off the hook"!!


"straight to voicemail"!!




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okay, who want to hit this up with me????? Any takers?

James I know you'll be hurting but.........