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Thread for Sleep Help Recommendations for Baby

jocelyn dee

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Hi girls,

My friend had her second baby a few months ago and is having serious sleep challenges.

She would like to hire a sleep doula to help. I was wondering if anybody can recommend anybody. Please post here in this thread or PM me.

Yes I know we discuss this in the mom thread, bu I have just spent 30 min going through posts and I can't find actual names of anybody.


(PS my kids are now 4.5 and 2.75 and I am happy to report they mostly sleep through the night - but I am not really a great help for my friend because my youngest was almost 2 before that milestone was achieved).
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Gemini girl is a sleep consultant. She's oosted her links a few times so if you click on her name and hit 'find all posts' you'll get it. Good lick


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I'm currently working with Lauren from Petite Sleep. 2 weeks ago Piper was taking 30 minute naps, and waking 4-5 times a night. Last night she slept from 7-10, 10:30-6. Has been taking 1.5 hour naps for a week now.


She's been excellent!
:) sarah