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Thoughts on the new BeatPort Interface?

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Sal De Ban

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its fucked. do not like. can't go 'back/forward a page' and surf different albums like you could before. music is harder to get to in my opinion. and yes, it seems slower - maybe they are debugging while it is live. not ideal anyways. have been using beatport much less - seems like a step backwards - now it is similar to old streetwisemusic (from years ago), or juno. i used bp over juno because it was better, and now juno is actually better. so much suck.
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perhaps the worst part about the new set-up is that when you do an artist search their tracks come up in seemingly random order, not by release date... it makes searching for tracks tedious...
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I've logged into it maybe once. No opinion really as beatport is usually the last place I look for music and by the time I've got there my budget is spent.


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i like it, loads much faster, nicer sound quality on previews, keyboard shortcuts are handy if you listen to everything on the pages. 150 tracks per page is handy . Literally i hated to do digi diggin on the old interface but this one is fine. Now if only they would improve quality control on the content. Browsing became less tedious but dang i can listen to 1000 techno tracks in the evening and find nothing exciting. Overall i give new version a 8.5/10

Aaron Bradley

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It's out like trout! The reason why they did the survey promo's for a while was actually to get feedback on how the ease-of-use was actually implemented. Oh, and they still have the other version up and running if you chose to use it. (still not ready to use ... click here for the bla bla).

Both of those indicate to me that even they know that this was a big change and might be hard to get used to.
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I have been trying to use the new site. I know "change is difficult..." and all that. I try not to be the cranky and say the old ways are best. However, it does take some time to get used to.
I was familiar with the old version and preferred it over other sites. I felt it was intuitive and super easy to use. They packed a lot on one page. Now there's a lot of white space and there seems to be less on the page. Cleaner?
One can use the forward back arrows on the browser to go back to a previous page.
If you're listening to tracks, then decide to log in, the site kills everything I loaded in my playlist that I wanted to listen to. Old site never did that.
I'm still on the fence on this one, though it seems to be less good.
OK now I can't seem to find the player even when logged in. I guess that counts as a bug. It was ok-ish 'til then.
Trying to give it an open mind, however the new site is not blowing me away. More after I struggle with it some more.
I'm hoping they're making changes with user suggestions. I've heard html 5 is the way of the future, though not being a super computer person, have no idea what that really means. ;)


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... now that i have been using it for a few weeks, the set up is growing on me... you can arrange tracks by release date etc. after all...