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Thoughts on Nick Broomfield: maker of the biggie and tupac docs amongs others...


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Just finished watching the broomfield trio,

- heidi fleiss: hollywood madam
- kurt and courtney
- biggie and tupac

I only discovered broomfield last month, after i borrowed a buddy's copy of biggie and really loved it.

after the cbc showed biggie/tupac on tv a few weeks back, i have been getting into really intense conversations about it with people who caught it on tv.

who ever saw that doc, and haven't checked out other broomfield stuff, i start this thread for u ---

get a copy of his other titles if u can!

they all make for incredible conversation pieces after watching them, and give truly authentic insights into the artists that we weren't privy to thru mainstream tv.

for those who did see biggie and maybe kurt and courtney some questions!

what did u think of the conclusions he came to?

as for biggie/tupac - Is Suge knight behind both killings? Did biggie have no role in tupac's death? Also, the LAPD seems so blatantly guilty after witnnessing all the evidence they disregarded. I was also touched with biggie's mom - what an intelligent lady with incredible memories of her son.

and on the Kurt doc, i found his beginnings truly fascinating - his isolation as a child, and how he wore baggy clothes thru out high school to cover up his frailty. that is fucked when u think about it - since he spawned an entire fashion trend of baggy clothing.

also courtney comes off just awful - is she behind kurt's murder? was cobain murdered???

and courtney's dad! holy shit, what a freak. he's practically ready to throw his daughter in jail! but why would you do that? why would you throw your own daughter in jail? I can only imagine what courtney did to him.

but then i get thinking, how many of these people have their own agendas? no doubt all of them. that what makes these documentaries so cool, your left weighing all the evidence from all these sources.

as for broomfield, he has an amazing talent to catch people off guard and get them to say things they really shouldn't on camera. for some reason i always considered celebrity murder cases untouchable by any media i could get my hands on, which is why im so impressed with the evidence broomfield was able to get.

i really want to thank michael moore for getting me in to documentary film....i always thought of them as educational boredom on tape. but there actually a fascinating look at life, seen thru certain people somewhere sometime.

so mike if ur reading this, way to go man!
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The only Broomfield doc I've seen is Biggie & Tupac.

I think he did well with his research, but didn't really uncover anything that wasn't uncovered before...but it's cool that he brought it to mainstream attention.
I did enjoy the film, but in all honesty, it was pretty sloppy.
Broomfield didn't really seem like he knew much about either rapper or their music, and was simply out to "solve" a pop culture mystery...this gave the doc a kind of ignorant tone.
As well, I think about 20 minutes of the film should have been cut...to much useless filler crap, or re-itteration of the same points over again.

I'll give him this much though...the man has balls.

PS - I wouldn't doubt that Suge is guilty on both counts.
I like them for the most part, but he really needs to edit things maybe a bit better. Seems very haphazard the way he has things put together, but, on the other hand, he's being very true to the timeline of the events as they unfold.

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i've watched the broomfield doc about biggie and tupac, as well as the one about kurt and courtney.
although i find some of his research interesting, he comes across as such a whiny, annoying baby most of the time. and in Biggie and Tupac, when he was trying to use some "street" lingo, he just seemed so clueless, talking about "homies" and so on in that snooty accent of his.
i enjoy his docs for the most part, but i almost wish he'd hire a narrator, an interviewer and a ruthless editor and just shut the hell up.

but on a more positive note, i found the portion of the Biggie and Tupac film which followed the gang crime police officer around was really fascinating.
i really liked when he was showing the different divisions of territory on the map. its pretty fucked that his own son is involved in that world, and he's spending his life trying to stop it.
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