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Those "foot in mouth" moments


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with my Ninja like thinking speeds way beyond one mere mortals comprehension, I usually see these moments coming a mile away. Alas, this lazy Ninja let his katana down at a very wrong time today, and was caught in a somewhat un Ninja like moment.....

ok enough with that... ive been watching too much askninja.com videos... anyways

i got caught in one of these moments right at the end of my shift at work... and i wasnt kickin myself for being a total retard about it... in fact i laughed.

ok, the point....

im at the gas station, end of a shitty 12 hour shift... 400km already on the odometer.... im fuckin tired and i just wanna get back to the office to go home.

since our company uses speedpass, i have yet to actually master using this POS fucking thing at the pump, so i went to pay inside...

it's 10:45 am, a huge fucking lineup... and some old ass lady is cashing in a bazillion fucking scratch tickets.
So im starting to slowly brew mad hatred toward this fucking chrone for wasting not only my time, but the 3 other people in front of me.

so i decide to be funny, turn around to the guy behind me and whisper "who the fuck cashes in lotto tickets at 10:30 in the mornin on a goddamn sunday"

so this giant ass biker, bald head, goatee reminicent of a ZZ top member laughs and holds up all his lotto tickets.

and im sitting there lookin like a dork and just shook my head and swallowed my pride on that one... :cool:

we had a good laugh though... lol

bleh so that's my long winded work related story.
now i sleep.

terrawrist III

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there really should be a certian time of the day that old people can bring their 3 tons of lotto tickets to the counter...really really does slow things up