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THOMAS KROME- Thurs. Apr.18th@ Turbo


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Oh the dirtiness of it all! Come Thursday April 18th, Toronto will be privy to the Toronto debut of the Swedish Lord of Darkness. Spinning on 3 decks, for 3 hours.
The 6 opening dj's aren't too shabby either.:D

>Thomas Krome
>Kenny Glasgow vs. Greg Gow
>The Dukes
>Tekkid + Curt Martin

...NEO-TECHNO series:02 on June 1st will be just as dirty.
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i have heard alot of great things about this doods production...

and i so dig techno...
but turbo eh?
could be interesting...

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...aye carumba! Whoop whoop! One happy camper!

Exams will be over...and I'll have my groove on!
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