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THOMAS KROME- Thurs. Apr.18th@ Turbo

Discussion in 'Roll Calls' started by whitelabel_tm, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    Oh the dirtiness of it all! Come Thursday April 18th, Toronto will be privy to the Toronto debut of the Swedish Lord of Darkness. Spinning on 3 decks, for 3 hours.
    The 6 opening dj's aren't too shabby either.:D

    >Thomas Krome
    >Kenny Glasgow vs. Greg Gow
    >The Dukes
    >Tekkid + Curt Martin

    ...NEO-TECHNO series:02 on June 1st will be just as dirty.
  2. Angeles

    Angeles TRIBE Member

    I will definitely be there!!! :D
  3. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Any hints?


    Translation: WHO THE FUCK IS IT GONNA BE? :p
  4. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    i think i may hit this up :D
  5. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member


    i have heard alot of great things about this doods production...

    and i so dig techno...
    but turbo eh?
    could be interesting...

  6. TheLiquidFairy

    TheLiquidFairy TRIBE Member

    oi indeed.

    If I can get up to TO that weekend I'm definitely up for that.

    MMMmmm techno Thomas Krome style!

  7. roti

    roti TRIBE Member

    ...aye carumba! Whoop whoop! One happy camper!

    Exams will be over...and I'll have my groove on!
  8. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    I look forward to that drink with you.

  9. whitelabel_tm

    whitelabel_tm TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: THOMAS KROME- Thurs. Apr.18th@ Turbo

    Hold your horses vato. Cuz it's gonna be muchos loco!
  10. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    Re: Re: Re: THOMAS KROME- Thurs. Apr.18th@ Turbo

    ci !!!

    ci scenora !!

  11. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    i'll be there.

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