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Thomas Junta Sentenced 6-10 years.


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For those who dont know Thomas Junta was just sentenced for beating Mr. Costa to death, after their son's minor hockey game in July of 2001.

He recieved 6-10 years in a state prison.
6'1", 275lbs Junta repeatedly beat Mr. Costa a much smaller man to death outside the doors of the arena.

The Dispute was over rough play in the sons (10 year old boys)hockey game.
There was a scuffle inside the arena, Junta left, returned within 5 minutes and attcked Mr. Costa in the lobby, leading outside where junta pinned him down and punched him several times followed with smashing Mr. Costa's head into the pavement.

I think he deserves the sentence
I play hockey, grew up playing it and i have NEVER seen this shit, much less over your 10 year old sons game

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i've only heard Junta's side of the storey...that the little coach kept on harrassing, provoking and then punching Junta after the practice, and that Junta only punched him 3 times.

i woulda liked to have seen the trial on courtv