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glych t.anomaly

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as TV stars, or they should just converse about TV stars, or converse about themselves as TV stars?


p.s. i hate kevin bacon
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well i turned it on at 7.59. it ended at 8.00. i had no idea what I was seeing.

as i'm super stoned.

anyways, it was confirmed, it is them. the coolio - like spikes gave it away.

what was it for? the food looked nice. and so did the place! Dizzzzzamn!
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ha ha, this was my fourth "reality" show -
I can also been see on such classics as
"style by Jury"
"Ready, go"
and one episode of the dating game on "the lofters"

I might have a fifth project in the works - but that is still under negotiations ;).

and if you go back to my early years of tv whoring ;
"switch back"
"danger bay" well I was walking in the back groud during a aquarium scene.
"a&b sound commercial" ( for those of you on the west coast that know what a&b sound is.)
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Soulster said:
what was the food show called?

it was ccalled Crash My Kitchen. We expected to get free stuff but we didn't. We did get a fridge full of ingredients but it wasn't worth the aggravation.

Shannon, that wasn't actually SAID in the show was it?

bbj, what's up with the porn and kink? i thought i'd been pretty tame around here for some time now.


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the frittatta's hte oly one I actually make! It's sooo good... i don't even remember what was different about teh strata. I could watchth e show again, but... *shudder* it just reminds me of having to spend 2 days with all those narcissistic shallow creeps. (the girl with the british accent wasn't that bad. the other 2 were horrendous and the director was the worst.)
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we gaped when we saw you on TV. I think I said "that girl kind of looks like Dorianne..."
You owe me a fritatta. :D


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you didn't know it was me? i thought i was pretty distinctive looking: go incognito dorianne!

i'd love to make you a fritatta. when qwe moved into this new place i wanted to have people over for dinner a lot. but now it's all uncomfortable here cuz the neighbours are bitches. fucking bitches. i hate bitches.

i love eggs thoguh. and cheese. and bread.
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