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This World Creeps Me Out

DJ Doublecross

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haha... I saw this... it's getting expensive to stalk people these days!

Whatever happened to just being a normal crazed lunatic? They're getting sophisticated lately...

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by TaCk OnE?:

why do people do that?

all you have to say is it's been posted before...

nobody needs the proof

so the poster can see previous responses?


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you can't stalk people, but we can
that's some pretty fucked up stuff....
Imagine one day the chick decides to tell the story of how they met to someone(kids/friends). Then finds out later that her guy hired people to stalk her...
If that were me I'd be freaked...


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imagine if she only finds out during the wedding speech...when the best man delivers the speech & explains how he & all his buddies chipped in for this stalking service
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