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this wknd.???


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forgive me if this has been done already :) Just seeing whats up for the weekend.

for me;
friday- fever (of course)
saturday- SYSTEM(z) FOR GLAUDE!!!! woo-freakin-hoo!

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Friday - Eat / Masturbate / Sleep
Saturday - Eat / Masturbate / Nap / Glaude / Masturbate / Sleep
Sunday - Eat / Masturbate / Eat / Masturbate / Eat / Sleep

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riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight................u keep doing whatever U want to do.....and i have to go and um.....stand, over ..........HERE NOW!!! :D



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Jen, you're just the hottest thing since amoebae started growing extremities and dominating the earth.

Deal with it, and give in to my wistful lust.


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*sigh* all you drunken people..making me feel bad while I procrastinate a bit from studying..

I'm almost halfway through the lectures now!! *yay*...exam in 15 hours....and I'm almost out of dex *ACK*!!!