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this week & more


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Hey guys,

got some new news posted on my site.

Including - i have a mix of 100% cancon that'll be airing on the Smirnoff Experience in March. I tried to represent all of Canada - not just T.O.
Including labels like PTR, Restructured, It Is What It Is, Chair, Format, etc. + Mateo Murphy

I'll post the tracklist soon...




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Here's a tracklist for the 'Home Team Mix'

It's just over 1/2hr long.

Artist – Title (Label)
1. Greyscale – RGB Funk (PTR)
2. Altitude – Trainwreck (Blue)
3. Voco Derman – Scheurich [Danny Anderson mix] (Restructured)
4. Mathew Jonson – Magic Through Music (It Is What It Is)
5. Mateo Murphy – Halcyon Days (Tronic)
6. Adam Marshall – The Calling (Dumb Unit)
7. Jeff Cochran & Adam Winick – Aya (Format)
8. Caspian Rabone – Nettoyer (Polaris)
9. Blackout Theory – Blind Assent (Chair)


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oh yeah.. this mix rocks..
g., dont forget to drop by with them unlimited supply of smirnoffs.. we will make an experience out of it..