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This Thread is Useless Without Pics!

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
So many times people here write stuff like:

Orignally posted by some tool
OMGWTFBBQ! I saw this idiot guy get chocolate covered marshmellows dropped into his face!

Then you get nothing. This especially bothers with regards to chicks and sexy parties because of my horndog nature.

So! Let's post all the pics that should have gone in other threads here to make up for the lack of pics everywhere else, and please people, be sure to post more pics throughout the board.

Thank you for your time....

Oh, and to follow my own advice...

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
Gee! That is a big hamburger.

And it's so much nicer to see what you are talking

about rather than try to imagine it.

So thank you, Zorro.

Seriously. Thanks!