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this SUGAR jar is full of dirt!

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schools for ladies teach charm and grace

oak is strong and also gives shade

a blue crane is a tall wading bird

corn cobs can be used to kindle a fire

a speedy man can beat this track mark

ten pins were set in order

the cigar burned a hole in the desktop

steam hissed from the broken valve

they could laugh although they were sad

the wharf could be seen from the farthest shore

a rag will soak up spilled water

even the worst will beat his low score

carry the pail to the wall and spill it there

the spot on the blotter was made by green ink

the shelves were both bare of jam and crackers

the tiny girl took off her hat

the map had an X that meant nothing

jazz and swing fans like fast music

jerk the rope and the bell rings weakly

hemp is a wheat found in parts of the tropics

add the sum to the product of these three

live wire should be kept covered

fruit flavours are used in fizz drinks

paste can cleanse the most dirty brass

a waxed floor makes us lose balance

he broke a new shoelace that day

pure bred poodles have curls

she has a smart way of wearing clothes

the slang word for raw whiskey is booze

an abrupt start does not win the prize

try to have the court decide the case

we admire and love a good cook

it caught it's hind paw in a rusty trap

the ripe taste of cheese improves with age

canned pears lack full flavour

the hog crawled under the high fence

the cup cracked, and spilled its contents

the hostess taught the new maid how to serve

split the log with a quick, sharp blow

a young child should not suffer fright

the fruit of a fig tree is apple shaped

madam, this is the best brand of corn

quench your thirst, then eat the crackers

the junkyard had a moldy smell

acid burns holes in wool cloth

he carved a head from a block of marble

the coffee stand is too high for the couch

he ordered peach pie with ice cream

it is hard to erase blue or red ink

feel the heat of the weak dying flame

a zestful food is a hot cross bun

the paper box is full of thumbtacks

bail the boat to stop it from sinking

the child almost hurt the small dog

the floated on the raft to sun their white backs

fairy tales would be fun to write