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This month's dj review


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I try to review dj's that are either up and coming or foreign, and this review includes 2 dj's out of the U.S.

First I would like to review Bezerker. I downloaded from his website his set entitled This Domain, and yes sir I like it. His style is diverse, from Bad ass to Turn up the music to Come together to Johnny. Of course I'm just naming songs that I recognized (how silly of me), the other tracks are either on a trancy tip or American-sounding hardcore.

The quality of the mp3 set was superb (160 kb/sec), the scratching frenzy was a bit too much, and the outro is plainly f****d up!


My second review is of Entropy, an mp3 set I picked up from his website, live at Higher (Lexington, KY). Blending dramabass with happy hardcore may sound like a good idea, but I'm afraid it's not gonna cut it in my books(hey, not all reviews have to be good ya know). Going over the set right now, seems like the pattern was [jungle track][hhc track][jungle track][olskool breakbeat track][jungle track]... you get the point. I did not like the flow of the set, too up and down for me. Yes there were some nice tracks, but the transition wasn't always pretty.



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I'd like to give my review of DJ Psyclone.......

He's special