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this month, I'm posting ahead of BBB


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new March mix up @ Vocode.com

Electro Showcase March 2004 : DJ Hugo Electro

This months Electro Showcase comes straight from the depths of London courtesy of special guest DJ Hugo Electro. This mix stood out for us here at the Vocode Project - impeccable track selection, transitions and a wierd alien spacy vibe carries through the entire ride home, capping off with a lovely look back at the way things were when 'bots were still yelling "danger will robinson. Danger!". This one packs plenty of electro sexy punch, packs plenty of kopfnikken faktor and delivers something different. Check it out.

Hugo Electro, mixing for the past 4 annums, brings the electro flavor as "nothing else rocks quite as hard". When not dropping futuristik funk, he spends his time as a research scientest "synthesizing nanoparticle quantum dots". Anyone can beat that as a profession and still mix electro, give us a shout at Vocode ;) Enjoy.

Running Time: 63 minutes : 57.8 MB 128K encoded :

1. Andy Freer – Super Galaxo – AI
2. Ellen Alien – Trashscapes (Anthony Rother remix) – Bpitch Control
3. Vicknoise – Chromosoma (Ellen Alien remix) – Bpitch Control
4. Justus Kohncke – 2 After 909 – Kompakt
5. Graziano Avitabile – Lass Mich Los Version 1 – My Best Friend
6. Marco Passarani – I House U – Peacefrog
7. Smash TV – New User ? – Bpitch Control
8. Bass Junkie – We Are Borg (DMX Krew’s Bonus Borg Edit) – Battle Trax
9. Anthony Rother – Simulationszeitalter – PSI49
10. D_Code – Human Reaction (Robotik Satisfaction) – Affected Music
11. Bolz Bolz – Take A Walk (Paul Daley Remix) – Eukabreaks
12. Traffic Signs – The Big Fake – Traffic Signs
13. Anthony Rother – Back Home – DataPunk
14. Offpop – Lowrider – WMF
15. Alden Tyrell– Phaze Me – Panama
16. Pauli Jylhankangas – Lie Low - Klakson

contact: hugo.webb@imperial.ac.uk
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Just listening to this now and enjoying it a lot!

Fav track so far has got to be Justus Kohncke ~ 2 after 909, nice little groove.


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Yeah, I'm feeling this mix. On a similar tip, but w/ local flavour, check out the Nick Theos mix posted by Satori in the breaks room... 80s/electro/tech/turntablism bizness
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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
Thanks for the heads up. DLing now.

I love listening to music. :) I wish someone would pay me to do it.

n/p :)

and, seriously, I was just telling a co-worker this last week. My dream job: "Listen to music all day long".

Let's hook it up, man.

glych t.anomaly

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if you guys figure this out...

Originally posted by seeker
n/p :)

and, seriously, I was just telling a co-worker this last week. My dream job: "Listen to music all day long".

Let's hook it up, man.

i need in so bad:D