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This is the Afternoon Special in Hell (A Plodstep Mix)

matt anaka

TRIBE Member
Some people call it brouse, or breakhouse, but come on, that's lame.

Equally lame is the term 'plodstep'. Australians sometimes refer to all Meat Katie records as 'plodstep'. But then Meat Katie himself shows up on their message boards and totally burns them. Awesome.

I got a new record with a Meat Katie remix on it the other day, so while drinking beer and giggling about the whole plodstep episode I recorded a mix of fucking plodstep anthems. Techy electro proggy shit, all plodding along like there's no tomorrow (but not really).

So here's the tracklisting:

1)Peace Division - It's Here It's Now (Meat Katie remix)
2)Hyper - We Control (Future Funk Squad Remix)
3)Koma & Bones - Amplify
4)Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer (Madox remix)
5)Vigi & Flip - Freak Frequency
6)Metric - Stale
7)Vandal - Mad as Hell
8)Metric - Leave it
9)Atomic Hooligan - Shine a Light (Lee Coombs remix)
10)Metric & Rogers - This is Hiphop
11)X-Men - Rolling Moment
12)Rio Rythmn Band - Carnival Da Casa (Christian J remix)

And the download link:


Not my usual style but I had to do something with these records.
More mixes and assorted crap at: www.mattanaka.ca
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matt anaka

TRIBE Member
Sorry sorry sorry problems with the file, weird error and termination about 15 minutes in. Re-uploading (stupid freeware FTP programs.....)

DJ Bolivia

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matt anaka

TRIBE Member
Cheers man, thanks.

Most of my mixes come about so I have a convenient way to listen to listen to tracks I like when I'm not at home. Last summer I was really busy and didn't have any time to do any up. Then I downloaded your Toronto Breaks Radio session and said "Holy shit, it's like some broke into my apartment and took everything I like right now and made a sick 4 hour mix out of them". I still listen to it instead of doing it myself, you saved me a lot of time.