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This Is Not MY Canada thread


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" Okay, i got one ".
Barbara Kentner, First Nations woman hit by trailer hitch in Thunder Bay, Ont., dies
I know this is just one story that happened recently. The abuse against them has gone on for decades.
The Government was implicit. People are pleading down to charges against Native Indians here, and walking free without any real time behind bars.
How can Trudeau even think of joining the EU when he's spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars for independent lawyers to fight claims against First Nations Groups for claims against the Governments obvious lack of giving a fuck for them ?
I know and understand that there has been some serious sketchery incolving Chiefs mismanaging funds.
But that isn't the issue.
Our Government(s) left them to die, rot, drink mine ridden water, etc.

Can Canadians even revolt against the powers that be ?
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Dont shit on getting in stronger with the EU - helps put more our eggs into that basket so if the US goes south, we're better diversified. Right now we are tied to the US so intimately I welcome any broadening of relations to Asia/Europe/Africa as a way of getting out of this strategic quandary. Also - EU has stronger environmental and labour protections than most any other area of the world, including the US - this is not going to engender a "race to the bottom" like other trade agreements can encourage.

All THAT said - I am so pissed off to hear about this brutal assault - now murder - in Thunder Bay.

I think all the self-congratulations about our multiculturalism blinds us to the seedy racist underbelly that is ever present in Canadian society.