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This is not a Library

Ditto Much

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Chainsaw fury of magazine browser

Staff at a Japanese convenience store got a shock when they asked an elderly gentleman to stop reading magazines without buying them, media reports say.

The man, 70, left the 7-Eleven store in the Ibaraki prefecture north-east of Tokyo - and returned with a chainsaw, police told AFP news agency.

After threatening to cut staff to pieces he left the chainsaw outside the shop and carried on reading.

"He was still reading when I called the police," the manager told AFP.

'Extreme case'

Staff were fed up with the man, who they said arrived at the store every day to read magazines for hours.

The manager lost patience after a three-hour stint on Wednesday and asked him to leave.

Police said the man returned waving the saw and shouting: "I'll cut you to pieces!"

Officers found the saw still running outside the front entrance when they arrested him.

A spokesman for 7-Eleven told AFP it was common for customers to spend a long time browsing magazines but that this was an "extreme case".


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There's a sign posted on a magazine rack at a convenience store where I live that reads "SHAME ON YOUR FREE BROWSING!"

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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so I was in a convenience store scannin' through a magazine the other day, and the clerk said to me, "hey, this is not a library"...
so I replied, "okay, I will talk louder then".

- Mitch Hedburg


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when i was a kid the lorean lady would alwatys yell at us in the convenience store...

"those magazines on top shelf... stay on top shelf. you out my store. u buy nothing"
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Theres a little conviniece store in Union that has signs that read "Please enjoy your magazines after purchasing them" or something to that extent. It has zero effect as everytime I go in there the aisles are full of people reading magazines. I feel bad but c'mon $5.99 for a magazine???


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who needs the infinite wisdom of Ganesh when you have Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman staring at you with their cold dead eyes.

please don't offer my god a peanut...