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This is a throw-down....


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.....a show-down!!!
hell no, I can't slow down
It's gonna go....

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Awww come on and BREAK!

Hey party people in the house..

May I have your attention please..

In a moment a beat will be played with many parts...



This Jam is Amplified so just glide...

and let yo backbone slide...


Young MC of the eigth grade (so shit... I even went on tour... of the neighbourhood that is... but on tour nonetheless... :D )
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Klubmasta Will

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maestro used to work at the arcade at woodside square across the street from albert campbell c.i. (mccowan and finch) in scarborough. we used to play super sprint, rbi baseball, nhlpa and that old wrestling game.

man could dish out quarters like nobody's business.


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shit ......maestro filmed his first video at my highschool.....i ended up dancing in it........pure ghetto hahahaha.....then they redid the video when it got popuplar hahaha
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Didn't Maestro also work as a security guard at Parkway Mall at Victoria Park and Ellesmere while he atteneded highschool at Senator O'connor?
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sacroiliac: relating to the sacrum and the ileum...

sacrum: the triangular bone made of 5 fused vertebrae between the 5th lumbar one and the coccyx (i.e. tailbone)

ileum: upper part of the pelvic girdle

so, let your sacroiliac articulation slide along with the rest of the stuff


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Originally posted by SUNKIST
dunno..but apparently alot of suckers like to be on it.

The region a lot of women get tattoo's on , right above their butt, is the sacrum , the sacroilliac region is the lower back joint
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