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This Fri. 29 @ Fever

Discussion in 'House Room' started by Trevor James, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Trevor James

    Trevor James TRIBE Member

    A little added bonus this week, Fever has had some touch up's made for the GoldClub series this Thursday of which we also reap the benefits. The place looks really good and it's a welcome change. this week the main room will start with old school hip-hop and end with house. The set times for this week are.

    10-12:30-Dave Saddler/Resident Soundboy
    12:30-2-Big League Chu/Switch
    2-cl-Willar X

    1:30-cl-Decepticon/Trevor James

    p.s. Don't forget about Rectangle and the Funky 1 next Friday some stores are running low on tickets and we are expecting to sell out. There will be tickets for sale at Fever this friday as well as a few free ticket giveaways.

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