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Thinking about becoming a Pastafarian?


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Before I take the big leap and become a Pastafarian, I have some basic questions...

I wonder if you have to wear the colander all the time, or just for religious rites, for official government ID photographs, or at certain times of year.

This guy in BC is has highlighted the barriers still in place against Pastafarianism.


Also, I only have a stainless steel colander, and all the Pastafarians I have heard about on the news tend to favor plastic... Are colanders made of stainless steel allowed?
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Didn't you already make a thread about this?


Well to be fair, that was a thread about some guy in Europe. This thread is about a Canadian dude. Statistically, there seems to be a huge increase in the number of people converting to Pastafarianism! First the European dude, and now this guy... That is like a 100% increase in the number of Pastafarians! A lot!

I wonder if there are any girl Pastafarians anywhere, or is it primarily a sausage based faith?

Also, the Canadian dude's volkswagen repair video is pretty good.