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Think Positive and life will be good

The Watcher

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I know it's monday, and it's morning... so It's Monday Morning and it sucks because we are probably all at work, or on our way to work, but I just wanted to say Good Morning, Have a Wikid Day, and let's start this week off with a smile.

This week will be a good one, and if we all think positively it will be even better, so chin up and think happy thoughts!

-Nick - You Rock!


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I start work today :(
And I really don't want to ... I've gotten used to sitting around doing nothing since I've finished school
But I need to work cause I'm flat broke
Oh well ... what can you do?

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Originally posted by eco.R1

take a chance......
I am taking a chance ... I actually took a job at Canadian Tire!
That just shows how I'm in dire need of a job
The job is pretty much the same as what I did last summer at Costco ... but the hours are a bit better and the pay is a bit worse
Hopefully this is going to be very temporary ... since I talked to the people at the museum last week and they should be calling me sometime this week to set up and interview