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Things to do on friday ?


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hey dudes / dudettes

my best friend is visiting from russia . we have to go visit family on saturday but are looking for something good to do tomorrow

didn't see too much in the upcoming events

please pass any ideas my way

there must be SOMETHING going on


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Нет никакого серого медведя techno стороны(партии) в этот уикэнд, обслуживающие водку в пещере, так возможно Вы должны будете идти в Гостиницу Селезня.


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thanks for the insight :D

i think we might end up doing a pub crawl using the now top 150 bars in TO as a guide, and maybe check out the video/audio thing at ossington (if everyone but me doesn't hate the idea ;))

is that archade still open ? i can't remember for the life of me what its called, but they serve booze and its huge, up near bloor or college maybe