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Things to do on Christmas night this year

Beer babe

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I'm looking for some fun things to do on Christmas evening. My partner's birthday is Dec 25th and we're not big on celebrating Christmas (being agnostic/atheist).

I've been looking and looking and can't seem to find anything decent to do. Only thing I can think is a movie and dinner (and there aren't a ton of great restaurants open that I can see).

Anyone have any suggestions? Would like to make it a memorable evening, but having a little trouble finding something. Live music, decent restaurants etc.

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I think restaurants and live music might be a challenge.

How about a bottle of wine and skating? Perhaps head up to a resort if you ski. They may be open on Christmas night.


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I read this somewhere. Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants are often open, as many of them are not practicing Christians. And so they celebrate XMas by having the only restaurants open on those days.
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