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Things to do... everyone please read


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Hello Media Group,

Here is a list of all the things we need to do over the next few days. Some people have offered to take on these assignments already and there names are listed beside the project others need people to work on them still. Please post to the board which of these you can take care of so that we don't double up.

1) Speak to John Nunsian (sp?) the new candidate for mayor on his position on the rave issues in Toronto. This may be a lace to start showing some political force.

2) ( Meredydd ) Contacting Magazines and papers in other cities to see if we can get ad space or articles for the Idance rally. Can you extend this effort to the local magazines as well. Vice, klublife, xtra, fab, now, eye people have spoken ( is there anyone else people can think of to contact?) Maybe some of the web sites for local news as well …

3) ( Don) Copy for Radio spots on various stations, he has someone in mind to do full recording for some as well so we can have canned info for people to run, as well as information for those who want to include information into regular reports.

4) ( Carrie) Will write copy for a letter to club owners to get their support. Most of them don't want to openly support us because of the political trouble it can cause them if the cops want to be a pain but we want to write a letter asking for as much support as they can give. They all have people who flyer at all the clubs and events we can see if they can include information to distribute if we supply it. If we can drop off information into the clubs, and if we can pt posters and large flyers in when we have them printed. We want to remind them that bill 73 can effect them to as they fit the bill for what they want to conquer a rave and they will have to abide by the same regulations as we do. Also lets offer them an incentive a link to there site or a listing on our site to show that we acknowledge there support and want to get others to o so as well if they want. Some might want to stay anonymous and that's cool as long as they support us in whatever way they feel comfortable. Maybe donations from the front door for a night? Or how about letting us use there space for a night ( I know I can always dream )

5) (Me) Questions for the TDSC: I have contacted the TDCS to see who has copies of the letters of support for the scene, as well as who has the original letter sent by Brenda Hawtin. To get the final work on a logo. I have suggested that if there isn't anything ready yet than we will go with one of our own for press releases and formal print work from us and the logo from Jean Mark can be used for the Idance rally. I still say it should have been called "I just want to dance rally"
I've asked for minute to the steering committee meeting in order to get a clearer picture of where their going as well as get an idea of what they want from us. And finally for information on the web site, do we need to format the information, can they format a printable version to be pulled from the website, what information outside the media kit info they want from us and when do they need it all by.

6) We need someone to edit the P3 flyer that was made for the UP festival to go to non-ravers. The information in there is good but lets tone it towards a group that isn't involved. From the number of people that asked or took information in front of Much Music the day of the forum I think we can distribute a lot of good information to people outside the scene. We just need to make it easier for them to swallow we're pissed off but there just starting to get informed. This can also be used for the allies section to send out to people.

7) We also need to edit the P3 flyer for raver consumption. This was made to gear towards the up festival crowd so lets make a general for those in the know informational flyer. These can be handed out by creative disruptions as well as hopefully the promoters and club owners flyer staff as well.

8) ( Me) A list of procedure for us to follow in order to make sure we all get a say in what happens and can still make thing happen quickly.

Ok that everything I have on my list please follow up on the board with new items or things I forgot. Everyone's doing a great job and let's keep getting things out there. The media is slowing down now that the inquest is over but we have to keep this alive in the press and in peoples minds as Bill 73 keeps getting closer.


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[This message has been edited by TS (edited June 07, 2000).]
I am working on getting all the info (flyers etc) for a booth that will be set up at Om. I understand that you have a flyer for "raver consumption". I would like to take this flyer to Om in order to distribute it to the masses there! If any of you know who I should be speaking to about this please send me an email aect23@hotmail.com
thanks Amy =)
Hey, bring whatever you'd like me to edit to the meeting tomorrow night. I'll bring the club letter for input and also I'd like to brainstorm with somebody about this Fantino release...the last thing we need is to get sued for libel, and he's just hte sort of dick who would do that...heheheh