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Things that entertain you at the office?


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What sort of things amuse you at work? Understandably there really isn't much that should... but there's a lady throwing the biggest temper tantrum in the office right now, and just watching and listening to what she's saying is really making me laugh right now. Apparently she wasn't paid for the hours she had worked. All of a sudden she's freaking out at her supervisor saying that she's pregnant, and that she has no money... I really don't think that she is.... I know it's mean to laugh, but you should hear the shit that she's saying, it's so ridiculous. She then proceeds to yell at me for no apparent reason and then ask me for money to put in the parking meter.... damn... I wish crack had an appeal....

So any interesting stories of people just losing it at work?
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To take this to the next level:


1. Plastic knife
2. Can of tuna
3. Access to her phone (she must have a conventional hand held earpiece / mouthpiece, not one of these new headphone mouthpiece combos.
4. Toothpick
5. Fax machine


Using knife go to her phone and smear tuna into the grooves of the mouthpiece and earpiece. Do this when she has just left the desk and is expected to be away from the desk for a while. This will allow the tuna to settle. Do not put in the whole can! only one smear should be fine. use toothpick to make sure tuna makes it into phone and not stuck in holes / grooves.

If you have a big office and multiple fax machines, use fax machine on other end of the office and fax her number. If this is a modern fax it will try at least three times to ring her number. In the event of call display, have a friend from another office call her.

The combo of repeated fax tone and tuna smell from phone will destroy even the toughest office person.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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I am always amused by 300 pound women who have a sign that says "The Diva is In" on their office door.
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lol @ Gizmo

I only work with 2 other people who are pretty easy to deal with.

At my old office, the one bigshot sales guy was banging two of the operations managers off/on at the same time. Eventually he knocked the one up and they're now engaged. For a while, he would leave the one he was banging flowers, and the other broad would go take them from the desk and put them through the shredder.

Fun times :)

Now I just amuse myself by playing mahjongg


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i am greatly amused that there seems to be a huge fucking fan in the ceiling blowing cold air RIGHT over my desk.

my nipples are diamond-tipped right now.



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The park outside my window is full of crazy people. It's fun to watch them. Sometimes they sell each other pills.


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Ya that would work if she actually worked in the office. She's a Personal Supprt Worker that we send out into the community and into people's homes... I would not let this one in my house under any circumstnace. She's sitting here waiting to be paid (I understand what it's like to have not been paid and the frustration that insues). She's putting on such a "dying swan" performance, instead of asking me for a glass of water (which I would have been happy to get for her) she's slumped in a chair as if she's in the Sahara and hasn't seen water in days.... and now she's got her head on my desk... holy shit this woman is out of her head.


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There is a lady in my work area who is constantly fighting with her husband on the phone, which never fails to entertain me.

There is also a highschool adjacent to my work. I am very excited for rubgy practice to start up again.
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At my last job, one of the partners was married to a stay-at-home wife (who had a live-in full time nanny).

She would call repeatedly through the day to scream at him, and she didn't seem concerned that everyone within 10 feet of the guy, when he would take her calls (in his own office, in our cubes, in the lunchroom) was privvy to her ranting.

It was very entertaining, albeit terribly awkward.


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I can't believe that her supervisor gave her money from her own pocket. That's really generous of her. But really, the way this woman was acting, she really didn't deserve it. I think she did it to get her out of the office.
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my office is great for entertainment, at any point in my day I can take a walk to teh courtsd and see the real crazies, zanata is in my building at least twice a year, as well as countless other crazies... the entertainment value here is amazing


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We have a robot for a mailcart, and he follows a trail on the floor to help him navigate the office. It's funny when the trail is gone, or when he starts going really fast.

My cubicle neighbor and I have a "woozle" (one of those little puffy round ball with glued on eyes) between our desks, and we stab it with thumbtacks when we are pissed off.

everyone in my group also has a blown up print out of an emu tacked up on their desk because it's the most fucked up looking emu in existence.

oh, the budding romance between someone in our group, who is engaged, and our 20 year old intern is pretty amusing too.



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JEMZ said:
I am always amused by 300 pound women who have a sign that says "The Diva is In" on their office door.

"Coporate accounts payable Nina speaking, just a moment"


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Watching cars getting ticketed and occasionally towed from the parking lot my window looks out on provides minutes of enjoyment.
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Sinister Shadow

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There is this lady on the other side of the divider from me who is crazy loud. She's from brazil. She likes to try and be quiet while ordering illegal anabolic steroids and drugs from her friends in brazil.

When they come to get her... I'll laugh.


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My boss buys finger darts for us.


It's a fucking warzone around lunch-time.

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