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Things I love.


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I think it's time for another feel good thread...

I love:

  • Beer
  • Sunny Days
  • Boys
  • Patios
  • Shrimp, pork, sushi and tofu
  • Hairless Bums
  • Moccachinos
  • Orkidea
  • TRIBE and it's TRIBErs. You guys make me laff. ;)


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Cheer Bear

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I love you Mel. And I want to carry your love child.

Oh, and I love Queen.

And Beer.

And boys.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm boys.
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Other things I love:

  • Bacon & cream corn grilled sammiches with mozzarella
  • When my boss leaves for the day
  • makeup
  • Tropicana orange juice without pulp
  • My beagle Bailey
  • Bodysmarts calcium chews.
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Originally posted by The Watcher
Oh, and Girls are good too
Jay-Z: Girls, girls, girls....(remix)

"I'm lookin for, southern girl that cook like Patti LaBelle
big ghetto booty, scarf over doobie
Chanell under the louie, Gucci over booty
Vicki covered titties, attitude of the city
pretty, witty, girly, whirly
one who likes to party but come home early
light kinda dark, short sorta tall
slim, kinda thick, I swear I love 'em all"

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I love: Corona.

sleeping in.

waking up with a hot chick beside you.

sleeping in some more.

wake n bake!

walking downstaris to a frisge full of corona..

wait a second.. this sounds like a dream I once had...

Peace & love. D


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I love....

ice cold beer on a hot day
my friends ! awwww
when my boss isn't here - good suggestion ming!
ceasers - food & drink
meeting people
my family! awww x2
meeting up with a long lost friend - my dear Kellie!!
I could go on - but i would take up 10 pages...


Cheer Bear

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Some more (cause now I'm feeling all nice)

- I *love* my cats, love isn't even a strong enough word, they're like my children. Angie, Micah and Mittens are my babies. And Micah likes to eat my weed. Awwwww. Momma raised her right.

- My Brother Justin, cause he's just like me. :D

- My Dad cause he gave me my dry humour, cynicism and attitude.

- Toby cause he sucks up to my Mom.

- I love pinapple and malibu drinks.

- I love Heinekin

- I love jogging pants

- I love walking around naked

- I love poking, and squeezing and cuddling. ;)
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