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Thieves find silo full of cash like Scrooge McDuck


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Russian Thieves Break Into Soviet-Era Missile Silo to Find it Filled With Money Bills

A team of thieves that broke into an abandoned missile silo not far from the Russian city of Kostroma in search of nonferrous metals was shocked to find the shaft packed with Soviet money bills, Regnum news agency reported on Tuesday.

The incident would have remained secret, had the wind not blown hundreds of banknotes all over the countryside.

Four men from Nizhny Novgorod found the silo that had had missiles dismantled and put on maintenance decades ago in accordance with the Soviet disarmament program. They targeted the metals inside and said they had had no idea about the money hidden in the shaft.

The men opened up the silo, neglecting the possible danger of ripping open a high radiation and toxins level enclosure.

The site has been inspected by the police and environmental services, and proved to have normal radiation level.

At the moment excavation works at the silo have been frozen. Local authorities are considering measures to bring the four men to responsibility.
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doesn't nonferrous metals just mean non-iron based metals?

so wouldn't, like, zinc, and lithium, and aluminum, and stuff, be included?


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Haha them Ruskies. Interesting. This was probably the work of some official who was probably sitting on embezzled bills to launder.
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well at least look at the bright side, more and more people will see this article in russia, and go and try to break into other silos to try and find another jackpot, exposing all the russian era silos, and their contents, doing what the americans would love to do!!!!!

hey, if they tried to lauch a missle form that silo, it would be one hell of a confetti party, count me in!!!!!