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Thievery Corporation @ Rebel


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Just what you’d expect. Proper dub and international love. Tight as fuck. HEAVY percussion. Sitar requires zero mention. New material is top-shelf. Crowd was lovely.

...as was the MDMA gummy I received from a trusted old friend. Very definitely happy with that surprise.

Nobody got shot, which a couple of friends, who were apprehensive - after the weekend shenanigans - appreciated.

My only complaint would be the security guard that took away my poorly concealed dab pen - which kinda makes me the dick, no? Crew had mad j’s and just laughed at me anyway. LOL!

...and as much as this review might seem like a 3am, drug-fuelled love-fest....

It may be JUST that.

S’all I got for uploads right now. I’m fully blissed. Be good to your fellows.

Cannabis Seed Wedding Bands


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Still have their DJ Kicks somewhere... didn't somebody of them die in a traffic accident some time ago?