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They Live


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jOHN cARPENTER's "they Live"
Starring rODDY rODDY pIPER.

saw it today.
first time i'd ever seen it.

pretty cool.
love the extended fist fight scene between the 2 good guys.
nice victorious ending too.

i give it a strong 8/10
fun movie.
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love this movie!




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"What's the threat? We all sell out every day. Might as well be on the winning team." *bang*

This movie was hype when I saw it first on "First Choice" (i.e. Roger's movie channels). I remember renting it like a year ago just to relive its glory. Still a hype movie.
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el presidente Highsteppa said:
Roddy Piper was in many movies. It's just this one was really, really good.

I hope you know that the Royal Rumble and Summer Slam don't count as film credits!

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wayne bradbury

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That movie was so good. Don't remember much about it though except the badass ending with Roddy piper saluting the helicopter and the fight scene to force him to put on the glasses. My friend's older brother made me watch the film way back, and I thought it was so badass then. Has it been released on DVD?
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And let's not forget that South Park parodied that famous fight with Jimmy & Timmy shot for shot. :)

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Ditto Much

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One of the greats!!!

That fight sequence over putting the fucking sunglasses on is probably the greatest thing I've ever seen in an american fight sequence.

This movie is on par with Rocky!!


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Ditto Much said:
This movie is on par with Rocky!!

Or at least Rocky III, with Hulk 'Thunderlips' Hogan. It's actually kind of absurd to watch that scene, since Hogan's about 6'8 and Stallone is about 5'9.